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  1. My original plans for a new disk layout involved using tiered storage spaces to get both read and write acceleration out of a pair of SSDs against a larger rust-based store (a la my ZFS fileserver). This plan was scuppered when I discovered that Win8 Does Not Do tiered storage and I'd need to run a pair of Server 2012R2 instances on my dual-boot development and gaming machine instead. I'm currently using DrivePool with the SSD Optimiser plugin to great effect and enjoying the 500MB/sec burst write speeds to a 3TB mirrored pool... but although read striping on rust is nice it doesn't yield the same benefits it would against silicon. Would it be possible to extend the SSD Optimiser plugin to move frequently- or recently-accessed files to the SSDs? It would in fact be sufficient to merely copy them, treating that copy as 'disposable' and not counting towards the duplication requirements. Possibly an easier approach might be to partition the SSDs as write cache and read cache, retaining mirroring for the write cache 'landing pad' and treating the read cache as a sort of RAID0? Based on my understanding of how DP works, this might mean that the read cache needs to be opaque to NTFS, but that's certainly a reasonable tradeoff in my use case (I was expecting to sacrifice the entire storage capacity of the SSDs). I know it's possible to select files to keep on certain disks, which is a very nice feature and one I wish eg. ZFS presented (in a 'yes, I really do know what I want to actually keep in the L2ARC, TYVM' sort of way) but an auto system for reads would be good too. Bonus points for allowing different systems on a multiboot machine to maintain independent persistent read caches, although I suspect checking and invalidating the cache at boot time might be a little expensive... Looking at the plugin API docs, implementing a non-file-duplicate-related read cache does not appear to be currently possible. It seems to be a task entirely outside the balancer's remit, in fact. Is this something considered for the future?
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