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  1. Yes, exactly. I can see, for each of providers I tried, drive that can be attached and error I mentioned in last message occures when I try to attach it to system.
  2. Christopher, I installed latest version and issue remained, but then... I think, at least partially, I nailed it down, by accident, while playing with numbers. Previously I only used numbers from drop-down list, that are always in format of XX.XX YB. As you mentioned minimum size of drive different from anything on that list, I started to play with hand entered numbers that were entered without decimal part and then it started to work! So I managed to create drive on all used providers, by manually entering their size, without decimal part! I think this might have eventually something to d
  3. Just installe CloudDrive on WHS 2011 and run into troubles. While I can connect to different providers (I tried Amazon Cloud, Box, network share and local disc), while trying to create the disk, on any of these, I get error message 'Invalid drive size' I tried to change the size and some Advanced settings, but no change... Using latest beta Any advise?
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