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  1. Ahoi hoi, Just wondering what's planned for Windows 10? Does the current Windows 8.1 build workf ine or will there be other issues to address etc? Trying to decide which system to load up for server, however with official release of Windows 10 in a month or so, i'd rather not reinstall everything in a months time! Anyone currently using it on the latest release with success? Or any reasons not to make the jump? Have Windows 8.1 so will be entitled to the upgrade, however don't much like the idea of loading everything up and THEN updating in a month (prefer a cleaner install). A
  2. Agree entirely about that Backblaze data, read it and laughed. I get what they were trying to do, but it was always going to be fairly average data from the outlay. Ok too easy, the 2x750GB WD Blacks sound like the go then, I might actually implement this regardless. Might be reading into this too much, but.... If I were to say download and want to watch something immediately and it hadn't had a chance to copy over yet, added it to a library to watch, and then after watching it was moved onto the proper section of Drivepool storage (archive? not sure on exact term sorry) you wouldnt end up
  3. Ok, so ignoring the slow potential write issues, which as i've said likely will not affect me... And with the solution above of using "SSD Optimizer" shoudl negate that if it happens anyway. Again, fine, yep slow write speeds once the buffer/cache/whatever is used up. No problem at all, it's not being used in the middle of the night so it can sit there and re-write whatever it pleases in the background. My data usage will still not go near the rated 180TB in a year. I'd be lucky to do 20% of that. Read speeds are unchanged here, so no problems so long as I have something like SSD Opti
  4. Ok, but just to give you an idea i'm after 8TB of usable space. I prefer to duplicate my data "just incase", as large chunks of it are photos/videos and I wouldn't want to lose them. So i'm looking at 2x8TB Archive drives. Cost: 2x8TB Archive drives $630 4x4TB WD Red drives $908 (Cheapest prices here in Aus right now, but still like ~45% more expensive for the reds) Then you have the extra power consumption (albeit minor, but this is a HTPC/content server specifically made for low power usage). Without being rude... Are you sure? What would be wrong with using them for d
  5. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone is using the new Seagate Archive drives yet? The 8TB options are extremely competitively priced here in Aus (were down to 35c/GB other day). The drives certainly have their limitations however, mainly that their sustained write speeds are horrendous. They have a cache which will work very well up to 20GB, then slowly degrade till ~80GB or so where it becomes atrociously slow; this is just the nature of the SMR technology being used in a consumer grade product. I personally have no qualms with this. Yes, it will take forever to copy to initially, and wou
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