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  1. Thanks, I'll have that for you in a day or so once I have some more time to play with it.
  2. Christopher, Is there anything else I can send you to try and get to the bottom of this issue? I played around with it for hours, trying different settings combinations, and it still doesn't work for me in the way that it is supposed to work......... Is there a way to uninstall plug-ins once they've been installed? I'd like to uninstall the OFP plug-in and re-install it to see if that makes a difference. Request: Could someone who has the Ordered File Placement plug-in working correctly post some screen shots of their settings? I would greatly appreciate it.... For me, OFP is either placing files on drives that violate the "do not fill drives above xx%" limiter setting or, it puts everything on the drive with the most free space (which is Drivepools default method). thanks in advance, habe
  3. Just tried all of what you posted, checked all settings again. All balancers except OFP remain disabled and I don't have any file placement rules. Initially, I saw the same behavior. OFP was still trying to place a 16GB test file on my F drive which is already close to my 99% full rule at 28.5GB free. My K drive has 48.xGB free so, it should be the one getting the 16GB test file..... I reset the OFP balancer settings and started over, settings same as before. Now, no matter what, ALL files (even a 1.6GB file) are going to L drive which has the largest amount of free space (around 50% free) despite the OFP balancer being active. I keep getting very inconsistent results with the OFP plug-in. Unfortunately, OFP is the method that I want my drive space utilized with no other drive balancing (due to using SnapRaid). Thanks for your help, habe
  4. Christopher, When you say enable balancing, you mean select "Balance Immediately" under "Automatic Balancing"? I guess I don't completely understand what settings control balancing. For me, I don't want Drivepool to perform ANY balancing on my pool drives other than control file placement and fill drives up to my 99% setting thereby utilizing max space. (It looked to me that I had all settings where they should be to accomplish that) Right now, I have 28.4GB free on my top drive which is F. My balancing max is set at 99% per drive which would leave my drives appx 27.9GB free. Whether I select "Balance Immediately" or leave it unselected and, with all of the current settings you can see, if I try and copy a 20GB to my pool drive, Drivepool wants to place it on that F drive and take it down to only 8GB free. If I didn't have it set properly as you say and Drivepool was defaulting to it's standard method, it should be putting the 20GB file on the L drive which, it is not doing either....... Confused..... habe
  5. I recently changed over from FlexRaid (due to ongoing issues) to using Scanner + Drivepool + SnapRaid. I am running Windows 7 64bit OS. I liked the way that FlexRaid pooled my drives but, had many issues on the RAID side. Since all of my data on my drives is very static; movies, TV shows, music, etc., I have no problem filling my data-only drives up to 99%. All of my data drives are 3TB so that leaves me with appx 27.9GB free per drive. I liked how FlexRaid would use all drives space, filling each to appx 99% capacity before moving to the next drive which is why I want to run the Ordered File Placement plug-in. Switching over from Flex, my drives were pretty balanced out at close to 99% except for the last drive which was only up to about about 50%. I set up my Drivepool, turned off all balancing, disabled all plug-ins, installed the OFP plug-in and changed the settings for the OFP plug-in. Initially, all drives were about 27 - 50GB free space. I tried moving some some files to the pool but the files were always being placed on the drive with the most space which is only about half full (Drive F for example had 48GB free so should have been able to take a 1.6GB file). No matter what, all files went to the last drive with the max free space until, I changed the settings under "New Drives" & "Overflow" on the rules page. Once I did that, it seemed to start working correctly (odd thing however is changes I make to that page don't seem to stay selected). However, I added some new TV shows (all about 1.6GB) and they were placed on the top drive (drive F:) and that drive has been taken down to only 8GB free which violates my setting of 99%! The red pointer now has moved to the "K" drive which I assume is next to receive files that it is capable of holding which would be coorect since drives "G - J" all should be maxed out around 27.5GB free....... Any ideas? thanks, habe
  6. So I manually "seeded" the pool. All folders/files now show up in my DrivePool (v:) drive which, is good. I had have other drives that were not originally part of the pool. I added a new drive to the pool and those folders/files also did not populate the pooled drive until I went through the process of manually adding them. Is the process supposed to be automatic I Am I going to have to do this every time I add a new drive? If so, that's kind of a PITA...... Thanks, habe
  7. Christopher, I created the pool following the instructions in the manual. The pool drive "DrivePool (V:)" is empty but reflects the correct size in bytes used and free. When I go to the drives that are part of the pool, all of the folders/files are still there and are not in the "PoolPart.xxxxx........." folders. The only thing currently in those folders is a subfolder named ".covefs" which has a sunfolder named "reparse". I had already found the same instructions that you posted in a thread in AVSforum dealing with migrating from FlexRaid (to Drivepool + SnapRaid) and, was getting ready to try that. I will report back on my findings.\ Question: Should Drivepool be "seeding" the drive pool automatically or does it always need to be done manually? If so, did I miss a step? habe
  8. I've been having recurring issues with Flexraid for quite some time where I lose the ability to Validate/Verify my files. I'm migrating to DrivePool/Scanner/Snapraid. My system: Asus Z87 Extreme mobo, Win 7 Pro 64, 7 x 3TB data drives and 2 X 4TB parity drives. I have Scanner up and running with no issues. I'm having issues with Drivepool that is kickin' my butt. I'm not sure if it's a Drivepool issue or a user issue. I can create a pool, pool indicates the correct size of total space, used space & free space. Currently, the drives are mounted through folders. I also tried creating a pool with the drives having assigned drive letters. No matter what, I can't seem to get Drivepool to show any folders in the pool drive.... I've checked and reset all permissions, allowed file indexing, etc. Nothing. An empty pool drive. I can copy folders/files to the pool fine and they will show up. If I try and mass copy folders/files that exceed the free space available, I get a message that there is not enough free space available so it seems that the system recognizes what's supposed to be there, the just don't show up. What am I doing wrong? habe
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