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  1. Thanks, I'll have that for you in a day or so once I have some more time to play with it.
  2. Christopher, Is there anything else I can send you to try and get to the bottom of this issue? I played around with it for hours, trying different settings combinations, and it still doesn't work for me in the way that it is supposed to work......... Is there a way to uninstall plug-ins once they've been installed? I'd like to uninstall the OFP plug-in and re-install it to see if that makes a difference. Request: Could someone who has the Ordered File Placement plug-in working correctly post some screen shots of their settings? I would greatly appreciate it.... For me, OFP is eith
  3. Just tried all of what you posted, checked all settings again. All balancers except OFP remain disabled and I don't have any file placement rules. Initially, I saw the same behavior. OFP was still trying to place a 16GB test file on my F drive which is already close to my 99% full rule at 28.5GB free. My K drive has 48.xGB free so, it should be the one getting the 16GB test file..... I reset the OFP balancer settings and started over, settings same as before. Now, no matter what, ALL files (even a 1.6GB file) are going to L drive which has the largest amount of free space (around 50% f
  4. Christopher, When you say enable balancing, you mean select "Balance Immediately" under "Automatic Balancing"? I guess I don't completely understand what settings control balancing. For me, I don't want Drivepool to perform ANY balancing on my pool drives other than control file placement and fill drives up to my 99% setting thereby utilizing max space. (It looked to me that I had all settings where they should be to accomplish that) Right now, I have 28.4GB free on my top drive which is F. My balancing max is set at 99% per drive which would leave my drives appx 27.9GB free. Wheth
  5. I recently changed over from FlexRaid (due to ongoing issues) to using Scanner + Drivepool + SnapRaid. I am running Windows 7 64bit OS. I liked the way that FlexRaid pooled my drives but, had many issues on the RAID side. Since all of my data on my drives is very static; movies, TV shows, music, etc., I have no problem filling my data-only drives up to 99%. All of my data drives are 3TB so that leaves me with appx 27.9GB free per drive. I liked how FlexRaid would use all drives space, filling each to appx 99% capacity before moving to the next drive which is why I want to run the Ordered F
  6. So I manually "seeded" the pool. All folders/files now show up in my DrivePool (v:) drive which, is good. I had have other drives that were not originally part of the pool. I added a new drive to the pool and those folders/files also did not populate the pooled drive until I went through the process of manually adding them. Is the process supposed to be automatic I Am I going to have to do this every time I add a new drive? If so, that's kind of a PITA...... Thanks, habe
  7. Christopher, I created the pool following the instructions in the manual. The pool drive "DrivePool (V:)" is empty but reflects the correct size in bytes used and free. When I go to the drives that are part of the pool, all of the folders/files are still there and are not in the "PoolPart.xxxxx........." folders. The only thing currently in those folders is a subfolder named ".covefs" which has a sunfolder named "reparse". I had already found the same instructions that you posted in a thread in AVSforum dealing with migrating from FlexRaid (to Drivepool + SnapRaid) and, was getting rea
  8. I've been having recurring issues with Flexraid for quite some time where I lose the ability to Validate/Verify my files. I'm migrating to DrivePool/Scanner/Snapraid. My system: Asus Z87 Extreme mobo, Win 7 Pro 64, 7 x 3TB data drives and 2 X 4TB parity drives. I have Scanner up and running with no issues. I'm having issues with Drivepool that is kickin' my butt. I'm not sure if it's a Drivepool issue or a user issue. I can create a pool, pool indicates the correct size of total space, used space & free space. Currently, the drives are mounted through folders. I also tried cre
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