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  1. I've had 2 duplication warnings over the months, the last one this week, after telling me what files have the issue and telling me to manually delete them or get drivepool to deletes the oldest, how do I know drivepool isn't deleting the corrupted files, it would be nice if drivepool didn't just tell me what the files are, but open the folders of all the duplicate files or gave me the option to check, or better still tell me which files are damaged.
  2. Phileeny

    Scanner virus?

    The virus program is Avira, thanks for the info i will try again.
  3. Phileeny

    Which HDD

    Thanks for the info on WDIDLE3 not too sure about this, I was thinking about going over to WD REDs as price. just installed Scanner and got this
  4. Phileeny

    Scanner virus?

    just downloaded Scanner on install I get a virus warning see attached jpg
  5. Phileeny

    Which HDD

    I have 15 HDDs in my server some Seagate most WD and I've been using both Drive Pool and Drive Bender, the other day one of my WD HDDs under Drive Bender went back to RAW (shown under windows drive manager) and Drive Bender began to have issues, I've got my data back from the RAW drive and I'm now moving more to Drive Pool and going to look in to "Scanner" Most of my HDDs are 3TB WD Green, have I made a bad choice? What HDDs should I be getting?
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