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  1. A little more info... I have 5 - 3TB drives. 1 has failed and another getting ready to fail. When I look at the 4 remaining hard drives, the 3 good ones have two markers on their usage bars. "Un-duplicated target for balancing" and "Duplicated target for balancing", both are past the usage one each disk. The bad disk shows its usage (not empty), but the two markers on the usage bar say "Un-duplicated target for balancing" and "New file placement limit", both at the beginning of the usage bar and set to 0.0% and -1.29TB.
  2. Of course all of this started while I was away from the house on vacation.... I noticed it was getting big lags when trying to access my folders. Rebooted the machine and it told me it couldn't find one of the drive anymore, so I shutdown machine so I could troubleshoot when I got home. I get home to find out it can't see any hard drives, including the boot drive. Chalked it up to the power supply and bought a new one. I can now see all drives, EXCEPT for the one, which making repeated humming noises then stops. I've pretty much accepted I lost my data and that drive has failed and removed it from pool. But S.M.A.R.T. warnings are telling me another disk is starting to go bad. I attempt to remove the disk from the pool like the user guide says but I am getting an error. "Error Removing Drive - the system cannot find the file specified". Not sure what to do now. I know I need to remove asap, but I want to get the data off of that drive. Any suggestions? Thanks
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