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  1. It was very weird...if I disconnected my RDP, I'd never get it back. The strange thing is the password prompt would come up and accept my password, then I'd either get nothing or a black screen. Drive shares were inaccessible. This would also occur even if I kept my RDP session up. It was very frustrating and I only found a small reference to the fix somewhere online. Hopefully this thread will help others having the same issue.
  2. Ok I am finally completely stable. I opted to just use the existing SATA II ports on my motherboard (there are 6) instead of getting another SATA III card. It's stable and that's all I want for now. I am still in the process of reconciling all my files and ensure they're properly distributed and duplicated on my drives...once that's done I'll consider adding a SATA III card for speed. I did have some issues with Windows 8 Pro as a server that may be of interest to others having problems - it's imperative you uncheck the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" option
  3. Ok, I removed one drive from the pool due to it reporting SMART errors, and I'm running the rest off of the motherboard for now...it's only SATA II but that's ok. I also removed my old boot drive and re-installed Windows 8 fresh on a 1.5 Tb drive that supports AHCI, partitioning it so I can add just over 1Tb to my pool as well. Things are stable, and I'm running a restore of some files from the cloud backup now. I can't find that specific card at my retailer - the one I was looking at is the PEX-40062 which is on sale for $40. It has 4 ports instead of 2 (I do have 4 SATA III drive
  4. Well, it wasn't the PSU. Seems like it's the Promise card. New PSU, same issues. I'm glad I upgraded my power though, you are right that it's the most important thing, so doing it now while everything is being set up is a good thing IMO. But it seems now I have another component I need to replace. That said I was running all the drives using IDE...I'm going to replace my boot drive and switch the BIOS to AHCI (current boot drive is incompatible, computer hangs at POST with AHCI enabled and the drive plugged in) to see if that does anything, but it's a long-shot I know. My regular r
  5. Solid advice, thanks Yes I have pulled out the bad PSU, it will not power anything again. I have ordered a new Corsair 760i PSU and a Cyberpower CP850PFCLCD UPS which was a decent price and works with Active PFC PSU's using what they call "pure sine wave". It has good reviews and seemed like a good choice. I will be doing the data work on the disks using my i7 machine, then rebuilding the server once the parts come in. So far the 2 Red drives are still being scanned using Scanner and everything seems ok so far (well, not data-wise but that's ok - just looking for damage). Thank
  6. Thank you both for your replies. I had in the back of my mind that this could be a power issue, but was curious if anyone had similar issues with any of my software/hardware combinations as well. I will replace the PSU and see if that helps (though I may not be able to do this until later this week...but I will try), I did check all the connections and wires but everything seems solid. I suspect the whole PSU as well because I booted the server without the 2 Red drives and started seeing permissions and "enumeration" errors on other drives that were fine before. I will connect them all to
  7. Hi, I'm having some trouble with my current DrivePool, here is my configuration: System: Core 2 Duo E8400 3Ghz, 8Gb memory, P4C800-Deluxe motherboard with the latest BIOS, Corsair HX520 PSU. Drives: 2x Hitachi 2Tb 2x Western Digital Red 3Tb 2x Western Digital Green 2Tb 1x Seagate 500G (System drive, not pooled) The 2 Hitachi's and 2 Reds are plugged in to a Promise SATA300 TX4 card, the other 3 are plugged into the motherboard. OS: Windows 8 Pro 64-bit Initially everything installed ok and files were copying fine. I have mainly media files as well as documents an
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