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  1. I haven't looked closely but how much of a PITA is it to replace a rail? I'm not getting anything to work on one of them and I tried all the bays several times from L to R and vice versa. Good to know the 4TB drives are achieving reliability. Like what WD is doing with migrating enterprise quality to consumer drives. I keep an eye on both Seagate & WD to see how they are doing ... I'm in the STB biz so it does matter. PS - agree about checking firmware. I learned the hard way. How are you using your Norcoserver? For me, as you know it's really about media storage and streaming. I collect
  2. Drasha, Thanks for your insight and of course all your support. I did add the SAS cards ... about a year ago I bought two Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8's. Only needed one but figured it would be easier if I kept consistent HW. Later I found that I may have a defective rail as well. Not sure if the mini-SAS connector pins lifted from the board or what, but one rail isn't working. Right now I have 3 HDD banks filled and the pool is 25TB. I'm only using about 55-60% of the space but that will change as I start implementing folder duplication. I can add at least another bank of HDDs, t
  3. Drashna - it's Roger, you helped me out with how to transfer my data from WHS V1 to DrivePool + Win 7 on the WeGotServed site. After receiving your guidance (thanks again), things came up and the project went to the sidelines for a while. Then once I picked it back up and got the system running, I started getting errors. Turns out they were all related to a bad OS HDD. My luck has always been good when it comes to drives, but that ended. First, I had a brand new WD 10,000rpm 2.5 enterprise/server-grade HDD that turned out to have bad sectors and thousands of bad blocks. Then, the subsequent o
  4. Question for Resident Guru or anyone reading ... when I do the clean install of Win 7, should I disconnect the Data drives first? Also, should I delete the Poolpart folders in each Data drive? As of now, all the Poolpart folders are intact and the Data drives are attached. As part of the clean install, I will be sure to do all the updates, and also update .NET to 4.0 (when I re-installed Win 7 yesterday I was on .NET 3.5). Once the pool is set up I will share the folders, then add permissions to all the user accounts as I did before. Then I'll use Windows Transfer for settings, appdat
  5. Thanks for your help & ideas. Turns out after I ran SFC & CHKDSK that I found a few bad clusters. Worse yet, there were some corrupt system files that I could not recover with SFC or Win 7 Repair. This included something to do with Windows Update and .NET Framework which basically disallowed me from doing updates and worse yet running DrivePool. The good news here for CoveCube and other DrivePool users is that the Win 7 64bit product itself isn't unstable. Instead it was my HDD (which is a brand new server-grade 10K disk). After all was said & done, I ended up doing a Win
  6. Thanks for the troubleshooting ideas. Both PCs are Win 7 Ultimate, with the server being a fresh install on a new 10,000rpm server OS drive and the other being a recent build on a combo SSD/10K rpm HDD. The server doesn't have any apps other than uTorrent which basically I am not using (I use another PC on the network for this instead). CPU and memory utilization are low. For my PC, I have an Intel 3770S i7 & 16GB of 1333mhz RAM. CPU load is usually very low and I keep memory utilization 50% or less. Sometimes it goes higher thanks to many things I have open on my desktop (and from memor
  7. No worries, I don't expect 24/7 support. Just expressing frustration at what is becoming a fairly bad experience. Right now access to the Drivepool over the network is intermittent. Before I explain what's going on, first let me share that I am having several tabs of Windows Explorer open on my desktop. Each tab is pointing to the drivepool. I leave these tabs open 24/7. Basically this allows me to access files and folders in the drivepool as I desire. Here's what happens when the issues occur: - When I click on one of the files in a drivepool folder that is already ope
  8. I am getting very frustrated ... as of now I cannot access my data due to this unreliable/unstable product. It's bad enough the GUI doesn't work and it creates a black desktop when access my server via RDP, but this problem with the Drivepool having such problems with Windows sharing & permissions is ridiculous. It's very unstable, either working temporarily or not at all. I know this is a Beta, but I expected something more reliable and stable. Instead I am constantly wondering whether it will work, reboot my computers and messing with settings. I've emailed Covecube support
  9. Update - rebooted again, used RDP to remote into server, clicked on the Stablebit Drivepool link in the startup menu ... STILL DOES NOT WORK. It's the same as before, on Task Manager I see Drivepool.UI.exe appear momentarily, then disappear. The UI never starts. To be sure, I also went to C:/Programs/Stablebit/Drivepool and clicked Drivepool.UI.exe. Same thing. This is quite lame and I am getting frustrated that this product is so unstable and unreliable.
  10. PS - I just deleted everything in the C:\ProgramData\StableBitDrivePool folder and rebooted. Now I have two "DrivePool" links pinned to the start menu. What's more, neither of them will start Drivepool. To be sure, I opened Task Manager and watched as I clicked on the Drivepool link. I can see Drivepool.UI.exe appear suddenly, then it's gone. Meanwhile, the Windows timer continues for a few seconds, then stops. Same thing happens if I go to "All Programs"->Stablebit Drivepool and click on the Stablebit Drivepool link. So as of now I have no access to the Drivepool UI. Mea
  11. I installed the new Beta version of Stablebit Drivepool ( on a Windows 7 64bit server. Before installing Drivepool, I added a new OS hard drive (server grade 10,000rpm) and did a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate on the following platform: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8200 @ 2.66GHz / Supermicro X7SBL-LN2 motherboard / 4GB RAM. The CPU & MB are both approved for Win7 64 bit. I had converted this platform from WHS v1, which does not easily support 3+TB HDDs and thanks to MS which Drive Extender has basically been end-of-lifed. I chose Windows 7 Ultimate because of it's stabilit
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