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  1. I feel like this could be achieved with a simple share.
  2. I just meant that you guys are not very front facing with amazon cloud drive issues. Last night i installed the 330 beta from up the thread and it was still unusable(I had hopes it was resolved from reading above). I am sure its pretty complicated but i have used 4 different products that connect to amazon cloud drive just fine. I will refrain from listing them here though. I find it a stretch to blame amazon on this one. I really hope you guys get it working as its a nice combo of pieces(Chunking encryption etc) that i could find myself using if it just worked.
  3. I believe this issue should be a little more clear. (A few months back) I used the product and was like man its trash with all these errors its unusable. Decided to try to figure out why this was happening and was going to do my own post but decided to spend 30 minutes reading the forums first to find the answers. While i am really glad the issues are supposedly fixed. it just seems like a lot of users would not have gone through this trouble. Also did you ever get on the amazon support list?
  4. I had a computer crash... nothing major just had to reboot it. DrivePool did a rescan and that drive now has a HUGE gray chuck "Other". i took a peak at it and see two PoolPart folders. What happened, and how do i clean it up? two seconds after this post i think i figured out what i did. Removed the drive...... then added it back without cleaning it. I am going to delete the older of the two PoolPart's.
  5. These are all good things to keep in mind. I will probably pass on the SSDs for these "archive" pools after everything you pointed out.
  6. WBadminUser

    1x8 or 2x4

    So i am just getting around to putting my pool together and am wondering what would be pros and cons on doing a 1x8 vs a 2x4. I am using 2 external 4 port bays so one of the pros of a 2x4 would be if one bay got unplugged i don't lose the whole pool. I just loose the pool i unplug. An obvious con is i am not managing two pools. Just thinking out loud.
  7. I was going to start using this however i seem to remember when i played with it the a while back. That if i ran the SSD out of space by performing a large copy it would start erroring out as opposed to putting the data on the other disks. The way i would want it to be handled is to fill the SSD then start filling the other disks. Please advise on the way to avoid this.
  8. Found the answer to my question A discount on a second personal license would be nice. Q. How many computers can I install the application on? That depends on how many licenses you've purchased. A single personal license can be activated on any computer for an unlimited time.
  9. See title. I have two machines that would lend itself to DrivePool, and I would like to use it on both.
  10. WBadminUser


    I am trying to use the wbadmin command but am receiving this. I can backup just fine to other drives that are not the pool. Thoughts on why this is happening?
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