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  1. No, only on my client, but this shouldn't be a problem. As far as I know the thumbnails are only created if you access the folders and I'm not doing that on my server machine.
  2. Yes, this is exactly what I did.
  3. Network thumbnails are disabled, if that's what you mean with "folder preview".
  4. Uploaded it, #4693230. I only included the newest logs and files. In the .log file there's not much to see. Maybe in the other files but I don't know cause I can't read those. //Edit: Wow, now I'm officially confused. The drives only spin up if I hover (with my mouse) over a folder. They don't spin up if I only click on my feeder-only-folder. So I guess windows queries something when I hover over a folder and wants to retrieve something, maybe the size? If it's the size it would make sense. Though the folders exist on the feeder disk, the files in them don't.
  5. I found a way to trigger the folder creation of drivepool: I copied a small text file to every missing folder and now I have all folders on my feeder disk. I need to do more testing but it seems to work so far, all drives stay in standby and only the feeder disk is active - with an empty cache (after a reboot). //Edit: -.- Most of the time it works but sometimes it doesn't... This doesn't make any sense. With an empty cache (after reboot) it worked but now with a filled cache (I guess) it's not working.
  6. Maybe I've found the problem. I manually assigned drive letters to my pool drives to browse through them via windows explorer. In total I have 11 folders in my (single) share but only 4 of them exist on my feeder disk. So the system has to spin up other drives to retrieve them (names, attributes etc.). Is there a way to create them on the feeder disk? Can I do it manually or would this cause problems? //Edit: Okay, Lightsout is definitely not the causing the problem, I just deactivated the share-monitor-feature but the drives still spin up. So the above is my best guess.
  7. Okay, tried .541 and it's working. Thanks
  8. I'll deactivate the specific feature in Lightsout as soon as I have (physical) access. No, I don't have StableBit Scanner installed, so that's not the cause of the problem. And yes, I assign a drive letter. But the drives spin up via win explorer (\\Address), too. So mapping it to a drive letter itself is not the problem.
  9. Thanks. Which version (will) has (/have) the fix? from today?
  10. Yes exactly, all drives spin up. e.g. when I mount a network drive or access it via win explorer (from a remote computer). Could it be caused by Lightsout? I configured Lightsout to monitor my shares for activity. Can't check it right now cause I'm not at home till sunday.
  11. The cache could be created initially on system startup (when all drives spin up anyway) and could get synced when files change. That's it, isn't it?
  12. I don't know why but if I enable tracing (gear icon -> Troubleshooting -> Enable file system logging) nothing gets logged. At least not in the log folder ("C:\ProgramData\StableBit DrivePool"). I did a server restart at 10:50 and it gets logged (maybe not the restart itself but something else is). But after that there aren't any changes in the directory from above. Maybe it's the wrong directory or am I doing something wrong? I enabled tracing and created and moved a lot of files but there are no logs at all.
  13. Thanks for that command, it seems to work. //Edit: Okay, I did some more testing and it clearly does not work. Maybe it's time for an internal cache/database? Well I could use reparse points on my OS drive (which is always running) so that nothing would spin up. Unfortunately they don't work properly (see other thread) //Edit2: Okay I have no idea, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
  14. You're right, it only creates "New Text Document.txt".
  15. Hello, I have a problem with the standby (actually it's the spinup) of my drives. Initial setting: All drives are in standby (= spinned down) Accessing share -> Spinup of ALL drives. You don't even have to browse through your share, opening it (e.g. mount network drive) is enough to make the drives spinup. Why do all drives spin up? I mean, ok, it's logical that they spin up so you get the directory etc, but why isn't there an internal drivepool cache storing the directory structure (folders, size etc)? With a cache like this there would be no need to spin up all drives.
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