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  1. 18 minutes ago, Christopher (Drashna) said:

    Specifically, you want to use https://stablebit.com/Contact 

    Thank you sir. I did get the emails reflecting the license info.


    I was originally on a 30 day trial. So when I to activate the license key, it says license not found on this machine. I have activated before. The only change was I went from Win 7 to Win 10 probably 3 months ago. I was not using Stablebit software at the time of the change. Is that possibly what is now causing me activation issues?

  2. I tried rebooting and had the same issue. I verified the services are running. I ended up installing the latest BETA version. It is letting me remove the drive, but it is showing all of my data in the other category. I can still get to it all, but it is a but worrisome. And my new NAS still need 2 days to finish the array build.

  3. So I have my main drivepool of 8 drives and a second drivepool with 4 drives. 


    My question is this: Can I have duplication on my first drivepool and no duplication on the second drivepool?


    I am copying a folder from the first drivepool to the second one that has duplication turned on.


    so it looks like it is duplicating on the second drivepool as well.

  4. I used the alternative steps to resetting the settings. 


    And when I reloaded it, it comes up with all of the drives. The drives that have the pooldrive directory on them will say cannot be added to the drivepool twice. I am at a loss. 

  5. So I imaged my C drive to go to another drive. 


    Well, I forgot to release the licenses. When I booted up with the new drive, the scanner program asked me to transfer the license. 


    I did that, and all is good. It sees all drives and it is happy. 


    But when I run the drivepool program, it wont see either drive pool. It just gives me options to make a new drivepool with the drives that were not in the drivepool originally. 


    I looked in device manager and all drives are seen correctly. Any ideas?

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