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  1. Hi, I am just hijacking this old topic because it perfectly represents the problem I am having right now. Since I can't add a new HDD to the pool and have DrivePool copy everything from the old to the new drive, my prefered solution would be the following: - shutdown the server - remove one Pool-HDD and clone it to new HDD on different PC using TrueImage (Partition will be automatically expanded to new disk size) - insert cloned HDD in Server - start up Server Is this as save way to do, or will DrivePool have problems with the suddenly changing disk-size of one Pool drive?
  2. Thanks for the fast reply. Actually it was quite easy. I copied part of a text from a web-page I wanted to use as folder name and it still had a space at the end when I pasted it to the input field of Windows Explorer. Usually Explorer would automatically cut off that space at the end, but not this time. It might have included some kind of invisible control character or something like that. When trying to move files to that folder short after creating, Windows Explorer said that the folder is not present on the drive anymore. After refreshing with F5 I suddenly had two folders wit
  3. Hi! I managed to add a folder to the pool which consists of a space at the end. Windows now doesn't recognize the folder correctly, which ends in the unability to move/rename/delete the folder or access contents of it. If it was my work-PC I would just boot a Linux live-CD and delete the folder (folder-contens are unimportend). As far as I know the easiest solution. But since the folder is part of the pool, how do I delete said "phantom" folder without risking pool integrity or dataloss? Thx, Zefiris
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