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  1. Thanks, I'm a Software Product designer so coming from my work perspective, I was thinking that you could have some more descriptive text for some of the items (like name), even tool tips when you hover over them.


    So if I detach would I have to take the drive with me or is there a way to connect to an already setup cloud drive on another machine ?


    Great app by the way !

  2. A couple of things that need more help text.


    The first issue I had was when trying to connect to a cloud supplier (Google in this instance). I was presented with a Dialog with simply the work Name. Name what ? Name of my google account ? My name ? I eventually worked out it was the name of this Cloud Drive.


    Next thing was after connecting and setting up a password, I checked the advanced settings. I stopped at this point as there's a box checked that says format my drive and as it has selected my main local storage drive.....wow, surely this is a description error and not that it will format my drive ?


    Will test more once the above is clarified ;-)

  3. I have no SMART data for drives connected to my Rocket Raid 2320. All other drives show SMART fine. Other drive analyst software shows the SMART data OK and I have changed the settings file for UnsafeDirectIO to True. (is there a way to know this stuck?)


    Any ideas ?

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