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  1. Thanks, I'm a Software Product designer so coming from my work perspective, I was thinking that you could have some more descriptive text for some of the items (like name), even tool tips when you hover over them. So if I detach would I have to take the drive with me or is there a way to connect to an already setup cloud drive on another machine ? Great app by the way !
  2. Answering all my own questions...If I de attach and reattach I get the option to unlock each time I launch Windows. One more question...how do I create a cloud drive at home and then access it at work (without detaching from home) ?
  3. OK...I was brave and created a Drive (and no it didn't format my whole drive) but where can I change the setting that auto enables the drive when I log into Windows...I want to disable that now ?
  4. A couple of things that need more help text. The first issue I had was when trying to connect to a cloud supplier (Google in this instance). I was presented with a Dialog with simply the work Name. Name what ? Name of my google account ? My name ? I eventually worked out it was the name of this Cloud Drive. Next thing was after connecting and setting up a password, I checked the advanced settings. I stopped at this point as there's a box checked that says format my drive and as it has selected my main local storage drive.....wow, surely this is a description error and not that it will format my drive ? Will test more once the above is clarified ;-)
  5. Legacy mode ? and I can confirm the only green tick in the test app is the SDD box all others including Smart are red crosses. I can't see where to upload a screen grab but I tried every combination of No Direct I/O, No WMI or specific method.
  6. Unfortunately no luck, I ran you test app and tried every combination but got no Smart data. My other software does read the Smart data (Hard Disk Sentinel) though so not sure what's going on ? Here's the info from that program about one of the disks connected to the Rocket Raid. Rocket Raid Drive.txt
  7. I have no SMART data for drives connected to my Rocket Raid 2320. All other drives show SMART fine. Other drive analyst software shows the SMART data OK and I have changed the settings file for UnsafeDirectIO to True. (is there a way to know this stuck?) Any ideas ?
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