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  1. Looks like uninstalling SnapRAID is not the answer. I'm going to try to uninstall DrivePool to get my 110MB/Sec data transfer speeds back . . .
  2. Network IO Boost is enabled. I have other drives in the computer. I tried copying to a drive that's not a part of the pool, and it also had an 11MB/Sec transfer rate. Same goes for copying to an individual drive that's part of the pool. The only other recent change I've made to this computer besides DrivePool is adding SnapRAID and the Elucidate GUI for it.
  3. Need some help suggestions. I recently set up DrivePool on my File/Media Server (3-drive pool). Before installing DrivePool, I was getting a rock-solid consistent 110MB/sec to 116MB/Sec data transfer rate any time I moved files from my main PC to my server over my network. Now after setting up a 3-drive pool, I'm getting about 11MB/Sec data transfer rate to my pooled drive. Not sure how to fix this to get my data transfer rate back up to 110MB/Sec. Please help.
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