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    riahc3 got a reaction from vapedrib in International SMS notification?   
    Why are only US phones supported? And why doesnt it mention this in the manual before buying?
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    riahc3 got a reaction from vapedrib in Bought DrivePool: Now what?   
    I have 4 HDD connected and I want to start using with all 4 since the main one is getting full. It is a mix of documents, files, photos, and movies. Documents and photos will be on all four while the rest will be on two.
    What is the correct and proper process for?
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    riahc3 got a reaction from Ginoliggime in ELI5: Just made a pool, cant see the new pool letter....   
    Just bought and installed DrivePool right now and added 4 drives; 1 was nearly fully and the others are empty. 
    Im trying to access the new drivepool letter it says it has assigned it (I:) but I cannot access it.

    OK, now it (I:) is showing up but inside there are no files.
    Are my other drives. E is nearly full. Shouldnt I see everything in E, inside of I?

    Pool file duplication has be turned on (x2). I plan to change it to "folder" duplication for certain ones x2 and critical ones x4.
    Why isnt it showing up?
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