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  1. I think my reply to Spider99 covers what you offered here. I didn't use a USB drive, I just copied some folders to other drives, 1 from the pooled drives and D: which is in the laptop itself. Lightroom didn't jump when scanning those 2 drives. thx
  2. No symlinks or hardlinks that I know of. I could try usb in a few days. I did copy a largish folder from the DrivePool Z: to one of the pooled drives and let Lightroom scan it, it didn't try to scan C: or D:. I have also copied a large folder to D: and Lightroom scanned that with no problems, not jumping to C: or D:. So, does it sound like a DP issue? So when LR scans the DP drive, Z: it jumps to C: and D:, (2) physical drives in the laptop. But when scanning on D: selectively it does fine. Also when scanning on 1 of the pooled drives it does fine. Make sense? Thanks for the help
  3. Thanks. I tried to guess at your meaning. I changed one PoolPart from hidden to not hidden. At least I started to. I was going to let Lightroom scan it once unhidden. It was going to take hours to change, so I cancelled it. Now it's going to take hours to change it back to hidden. Anyway, all of the drives are visible with drive letters. So I guess I'm not sure what you were trying to have me do.
  4. All of the drives already have drive letters. They are all visible in File Explorer as shown in the pic. The PoolPart is hidden and for the most part there aren't any other files or folders on those drives. C: and D: are the 2 drives in the laptop. Z: is the DrivePool. Everything else are the pooled drives.
  5. The 8 drives are in a DrivePool, that makes drive Z:\. I don't think they are "mounted" to anything, they are just selected in DrivePool. Maybe I'm misunderstanding how DrivePool works. Yes, it is a dual drive laptop. I spec'd it that way. thanks
  6. Been a while, which is probably a good thing. Anyway, I've started using Lightroom. I am trying to get it to scan my complete DrivePool drive, Z:\ in this case. I have 2 physical drives in the laptop and 8 physical drives in an external enclosure. Only the 8 drives in the enclosure are pooled to make Z:\. I select Z:\ in Lightroom and it starts out all cool and such. But eventually Lightroom starts scanning C:\ and D:\ (the drives in the laptop) for images. Does anyone have any idea why Lightroom would scan C:\ and D:\? I tried the Adobe Lightroom community forum and was told to get rid of DrivePool. Like how do you figure that is going to work? It's like telling someone to ditch their Raid setup, quit doing backups, or something like that. Off the cuff for sure. Anyways, I'm just wondering if there is something I can do to remedy this. I don't think Lightroom should be scanning C:\ or D:\, but it does and I'd like it to not do that. The Lightroom community forum isn't going to be any help. I haven't gone directly to Adobe tech support, I'd rather not. And I think I know what their answer would be anyway. tia, Monte
  7. Found it. Manage Pool > File Protection > Pool File Duplication > Change Duplication. Happy Easter.
  8. Thanks. Kinda late seeing these replies. At this point I don't know what I did as this was awhile ago, but it's all working again.
  9. How to turn on protection against multiple drive failure? I would like to turn this on for an existing drivepool. I can't find it anywhere in settings, or balancer settings. The manual makes it sound like it can come up while first creating a drivepool, but I would like to turn it on for an existing pool. thx
  10. When selecting "Manage Pool" I am getting this error, "Unable to enumerate folder. Access is denied" and the Okay button. Ideas what's causing this?
  11. Did what you described, it worked. Now for the hours long process of rebuilding the pool. Copy all the files from the 7 drives back into the new pool. thanks.
  12. I've been having problems for the last many weeks with DP getting seemingly stuck while duplicating. I've done more than one "clean install". Tried a beta from Chris. Nothing is working. I just did another clean install of the release version. I've also un-hidden and renamed all the poolpart folders from the old pool, so when DP started it didn't see any existing pool. All of the drives show up as non-pooled. Every drive I try to add to the new pool I get the error "Cannot add the same disk to the pool twice". I want to create a new pool and repopulate it with the existing files from the old pool, but I can't add any of the drives. I removed the Hidden property on all the old poolpart folders and added ".old" to the folder name. I thought that would be enough. But there seems to be some other marker/file or something on each drive making them look like they're still in a pool. But there is no pool. thanks.
  13. Sometimes it's running quickly, sometimes slowly. Like you mentioned it has to check every folder on every drive. Still running, but cruising right now....
  14. Still plugging away as of right now. Probably let run it's course at this point.
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