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  1. Just installed WS 2012 E R2 and decommissioning WS 2012 E. I have installed StableBit Scanner. Can I use the old license and if so how do I transfer?
  2. In the morning all was fine. Even started a second pool for my local backups so as they fill I can add more drives. Seems balancing is really only an issue if I need to duplicate which I am not using at present. Looks like I will now have to pay for the application. Thank you.
  3. drashna, First, thank you for you quick response (especially as it is the weekend). Second, my wife did drop the new 3TB disk while cleaning about a week ago. I always keep one spare on the shelf and she loves to clean. Here in Australia the wholesaler will take it back and run lifeguard and I suspect will say it is OK as it did with me after it repaired the disk. If I can't get this sorted I will buy another and use the dropped one somewhere else. I have StableBit Scanner running on all machines and that explains why when I copied data to the new pool it only used the "undamaged disk" as the new 3TB Red was listed as "Damaged" The # of bad sectors is not increasing it was always 29 (twice reported by StableBit). As I write this I think DrivePool is very slowly balancing the data. I will report back again in the morning after letting it work all night. Love to see you on the forums with Dave & Jim. I am running 2012 essentials as my server but I did the "SkipDomainJoin" like Paul Braren, not up to AD like you. Umfriend, Thanks for the input. I am not using duplication. Will try later if and when I get the basics working
  4. So to continue: I created a drive pool for my media using the aforementioned 3TB WD Red (WD30ERFX) and 1TB Seagate (ST1000DM003). Giving me 4TB's in the pool (actually about 3.66TB's). I then proceeded to move my media from my nearly full old media drive 2TB WD (WD20EARX). This would take a few hours. After about 2 hours I checked to find that the transfer had stopped due to there being not enough space on the newly created pool. Upon opening DrivePool I discover that the copying had filled the smaller physical drive and left the larger one empty. OK so I look into balancing and set DrivePool to "Balance Immediately". A yellow flashing bar appeared at the bottom reading "Balancing 1.3%). It has been like that for an hour and the amount of free space on each physical drive has not changed (one being full and the larger one empty). Am I doing something wrong ((as usual) or do I wait patiently for DrivePool to do its thing? Does the trial version have all the features?
  5. Lifeguard found repairable sectors and repaired them successfully!!?? Reran StableBit scanner which found 29 sectors unreadable - 14.5 KB. Is this acceptable?
  6. Does this free up the section of the disk from which you moved the data such that is added to the pool?
  7. I tried WD lifeguard and it did not see it. So I initialized the drive (it is brand new) and lifeguard can now see it. Am running the extended lifeguard test which will take hours. When finished I will run stablebit scanner again. I want to use it in a drivepool. This will be my first go with DP. Have installed the 30 day trial version. My understanding is that I format the drive (NTFS) then add it to a pool. It seems you cannot add a drive which has data on it to a pool and have that data included in the pool. Is this correct? Poppapete
  8. Scanning a new 3 TB WD red. Unformatted. Seems to have stopped and showing 14.0 KB unreadable on the disk (28 sectors). Should I take it back?
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