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  1. Thanks, I used the exe and msi version... I know uninstalled and installed the wssx Version and everything seems to be running great supprt...thanks msmn
  2. thanks for the info.... a side issue popped-up now: after reinstallation of DrivePool (which seems to be running all-right now), I also re-installed latest DriveScanner beta (DS). However, whilst DS seems to be running, it does not show up in the dashboard of WHS2011 anymore (and it is not listed as add-in in the dashboard as it was before re-installation). Also a second re-Installation did not help. any clues there? msmn
  3. After upgrading/reinstalling the very lates beta from the download-area the "move folder" seems to work now msmn
  4. Hi All, After freshly installing WHS2011 and Drivepool (I used Version 2.1 beta from the mainpage download area), I was successfully able to add 3 harddisks (D:, F: G:) to drivepool and create the pool itself (E:). As a second step I wanted to move the Standard WHS2011 Folders (e.g. Videos,..) to drivepool, but using the "move Folder" Option within the WHS2011 Dashpool does not give me the Option to move files to E: (only to D:, F:, G;) As a newbie I kindly would ask for your help/explantion of how to move those WHS2011 Standard folders thanks msmn
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