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  1. I am using WHS2011 and Home Server SMART 2013 Ver My system has five phyiscal hard drives. Three of them look OK. But two drives have a blue question mark rather than a green check mark by the drive in the Server Disk Health tab. One of the drives is a brand new WD 3TB Red drive - it is an internal drive connected via SATA. I just installed this drive two days ago. The tests seem to run fine on this drive and everything is healthy. Is there any reason why I don't get a green check? It also doesn't display the temp in the table although the temp is shown down below in the status line. The other drive is a Seagate 1.5TB that is several years old that is an external drive connected via eSATA to a PCI card with an eSATA connector. Is the fact that this is an external drive why there is a blue question mark or does that matter when you are using an eSATA connection? This drive does have some performance issues. It also does not display a temp in the table but does in the status line.
  2. In the User Manual for DrivePool 1.X there is a section entitled "Using Server Backup to Backup the Pool". Looking at the 2.X manual I don't see a similar section. Is the info from 1.X still relevant for 2.X? Why was this deleted from the manual? Or is there a different process for backing up drive when you are using DrivePool 2.X?
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