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    Will this work?

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I guess that my real lesson here is to upgrade before I reach this point. Not sure what I am going to do, but just taking the 500Gig from the server and then installing the new drive and copying from another system seems to something that I can accomplish. Then a new external enclosure might be the answer to my problems.
  2. Joe Charm

    Will this work?

    Umfriend, I think that you have it, except that your point 2, the 2T drive is part of the pool. This is the only way that I can think of that I can expand a full diskpool. I am not sure how I would delete contents from only the 500GB drive? the whole issue is that I don't have 500Gig of free space in the pool to evacuate the drive. I do have backups and I suppose that I could just take out the 500Gig drive, without evacuation, put in the 2T drive, add it to the pool and then restore the pool from backups. Is that what you are suggesting? Reinsert old 2TB drive and hope DP recognises it
  3. Joe Charm

    Will this work?

    It would be nice to evacuate the drive first, the problem with that this that there is 500Gig of data in about 100Gig of space, which is why I am going through this routine. I guess that I should have spelled that out. I never use duplication as I think that it is unnecessary. I do take a backup, but backup and duplication just doesn't make sense to me for a home server.. I have to confess, I don't understand your option, it never takes into account the fact that there is no space for the 500Gig of files that need to be taken off of one drive and put on another, which is my main problem an
  4. Joe Charm

    Will this work?

    I am currently running WHS 2011 and on the box I have 4 drives, Disk1 is 500gig, Disk2 is 2T, Disk3 is 2T and Disk4 is 2T. All disks are at 98% used and are in Dispool1. I need to update Disk1 from 500gig to 2T. Can I take out Disk2, from the diskpool and insert a new 2T drive and make it part of the pool, do an evacuate on the 500G drive, pull the empty 500G drive and then put the old 2T drive back in have everything recognized correctly? My problem is that I don't have any external enclosure and I need to update the space. Are there going to be any issues that I need to be aware of before
  5. I really don't like Windows server backup because it has to occur within 1 drive only, no spanning. I was thinking that I could use drivepool to make a new pool for my backups using other windows software for the backup itself. This software uses standard zip files for backup, however that would make one file that would be in the neighborhood or several terabytes large, which would be bigger than any one drive that I have in my system. Would drivepool be able to handle something like that or not? I would probably be backing up to an external USB enclosure containing 4 drives and I would li
  6. drashna, Thanks, but I know that I restarted several times. Since it was nto typical operation, I went to the uninstall options and did a repair and now it opens. That seemed to have fixed it.
  7. I am still in the evaluation phase of drivepool and I first set it up on a test drive to see how it would work. Now, I would like to evacuate that drive and then install a new one. The problem that I am having is with the interface, it should pooled drives and the underneath non-pooled drives, but I cannot expand the pooled drives pane so that I can remove one of the drives. What is the trick to getting that pane to expand???? Here is a screenshot
  8. I just downloaded the evaluation version of scanner and drivepool. The first thing that I noticed is that my performance was impacted when I was watching movies. Every 10 minutes or so, or when there was a scene in the movie that was demanding, I got stuttering. I tried several of the throttlig options, including turning it off until 2:00am in the morning. The only thing that fixed the stuttering is removing the addin. I really like the features of the scanner, in that it let me know all of the capablities of my drives, but the stuttering is not a good thing. Are there any other settings that
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