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  1. Christopher- So, it installed perfectly, and.. Now, I need to wipe/re-activate my serial number (it's showing as already "active", I assume). Is there a self-service portal? -Andy
  2. Christopher- Apologies for the long delay; been a crazy few weeks! So, I uninstalled the EXE based file, and went to install the WSSX file. First, it told me a newer version was installed, and wouldn't allow me to do so. Then, I uninstalled it (using the automated uninstaller) I now get "This add-in is already installed on this server and computers on your network." I assume I need to do some surgery on the Registry? Can you point me to where, without disabling my S/N for registration? -Andy
  3. All- I've recently installed Scanner v. It's not longer an application in the Server Dashboard; but is a standalone program. Is this by design? Makes administering it a little more challenging (must login to server via RD, and it no longer displays error messages in Server Dashboard.) If not, is this the first you've heard of this issue? Thanks in advance for your help- -Andy
  4. Good Morning! I'm running DP v. on my WHS 2012r2 Server, a 49.6TB pool. Recently I added two drives, a 6TB, replacing a damaged 6TB drive, and an 8TB. The system properly added the duplicate files to each drive, but didn't go back and re-balance. I have the balancing settings as "SB Scanner" priority one, then "Volume Equalization" as number two. Figured that should be causing it to balance (It's set to balance immediately, with 10GB as threshold, we're way past that.) Any thoughts, or ideas on how to get it to work? Everything is still working great, just trying to keep things tuned up. Thanks- -Andy
  5. Chris- So; I tried your trick it didn't work, but... I figured, what the heck. Let's try to install from the .msi. It installed, and integrated into the dashboard. Why? How? I dunno. It worked. That seems to be all I care about. Thanks for your help- -Andy
  6. Chris- So; I've deleted those three subfolders... I still got the message "This add-in is already installed on your server and computers in your network" (or close.) Tried the .msi route. It states "This action is only valid for products that are currently installed." Any other thoughts? -Andy
  7. Hi Chris! So; I'm just getting around to this issue (Don't ask, my work kind of exploded between November and now. Been crazy busy...) When I attempt to install the WSSX file, it tells me the program is already installed on my system. If I boot into the Dashboard/Safe Mode, it's not listed as an add-in, and... If I look under Add/Remove Programs, it's not shown as installed. So, it *thinks* it's in there (I'm assuming a hook in the registry somewhere), but it's not. Yet it is. As confused as I am yet? Thoughts as to where I can start cleaning out registry entries, and get this back up? -Andy
  8. Hi! I'm running Server Essentials 2012r2, and just updated to Scanner Until this most recent update, it's been integrated in to the Dashboard; I'd prefer to have it there again, as opposed to a Standalone program. Any ideas how to return it to a tab on the Dashboard? Thanks- -Andy
  9. Hi! I'm using DP on WinServer Essentials 2012R2. When I'm in the Dashboard, under the Drivepool tab, I get duplication warnings. If I check them, it's stating "Incorrect Function" for the files; I've seen error messages before for sharing issues (correctable), but this is a new one. Asking it to check/duplicate it again doesn't seem to fix it. Thanks for your help in advance! -Andy
  10. I agree... That's what I've been doing. I started with a WHSv1 machine, on a Core2Duo, some orphaned (Old and slow) HDDs, an old desktop PC motherboard, and 2GB of RAM. I pieced together a server, doing incremental upgrades. As, I'm sure, many of us do/did to start. I already bumped from the Core2Duo to a Xeon about 18 months ago; it helped a lot, and kept me where I'm still "happy" with the machine. I need memory. And, although my CPU is keeping up, streaming two full 1080p Blu-Ray ISOs to two Dune HDIs is taxing the heck out of it. Any basic function call causes stuttering on the CPU, not the network or drive arrays. And my MoBo is an LGA-775. The OS limits memory, and my motherboard limits the types of CPUs I can run (775 is an old(er) standard; not a lot new there.) WHS max supports 8GB, according to their published specs. That's my problem. Now that the "proof of concept" phase has shown value, I'm at an odd crossroads. I have to upgrade the MoBo to get a newer/faster CPU; and I'm still RAM limited.If I just swap out motherboards; why reinstall an "old" product; I'm at the point of having to re-install anyway. Do I go big? Or piddle around? If I stick with WHS11, I'm limited in RAM, CPU count, and inherently from my hardware that I currently own, the amount/type of PCI slots I'd like to do this "right." The current case is a Norco 4020, in a 42U rack in the basement; and I have one open drive caddy left. So, again, I'm pretty much there. I'm bumping against the ceiling with what I run now. It's time to do some hardware work. So, dual LGA2011 CPUs, 64GB of RAM, a second ATTO SAS card (One, a HF60 is already filled; 48tb on the array currently, with 8tb free, as an FYI.), and another Norco case for more HDDs. I purchased the OS (Server 2012E), memory, and motherboard. Drive controller is being requisitioned (I have a contact at the company; it's local, and I'm getting one through an employee @ 5% over cost, still not cheap, but better), and I just need to order CPUs and a stack of cooling fans. Grab a six pack, my static strap, and a can of duster to clean out the existing case. It's game on. On a positive note; if anyone asks... DrivePool works fantastic in larger arrays. It's really a great piece of software, and (don't tell him) worth several times the price of admission; I'm interested to see how well it spans the two 9600 MB/s cards, and what type of end performance I can get from it...
  11. Hi All! Looking for a little guidance. I currently have a WHS 2011 machine that's being used more significantly than I thought (good thing, right?) I'm in the planning and ordering phase of upgrading to a Server 2012 Essentials machine with a lot more grunt. And, of course, migrating the two programs that have saved my data quite a few times (DrivePool and Scanner.) In doing so, I'm considering upgrading to DrivePool 2.x from DrivePool 1.3.7572. What's the best way to go about it? OS upgrade, install DP 1.3.x, let it rebuild the pool/duplication, then upgrade? Do it all at once (Upgrade to SBS12E, install DP 2.x, slap the drives in and cross fingers)? Ignore it, and keep letting the wife complain about lag time on the old server? Is there a prescribed way? Even if it's to un-duplicate the data, add, and re-duplicate, whatever seems to work best I'm in for.... Thanks for your help in advance, and have a great New Year! -Andy
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