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  1. Disks configured on a HP SmartArray P800 S.M.A.R.T. status no being reported? Any suggestions?
  2. I have 9211-8i I used to retrofit one of two eSATA Towers I have, since never seemed to get either of my eSATA towers to be completely stable, the fake RAID cards, all of them seem to die quick, or seem to be very picky about drives or port multipliers, and lack any consistent performance (In my case). What a great idea that just did not work. I also have a couple of HP P800s I plan to test and use, only 3Gb/s but for some older drives I have expect them to work well, the 9211-8i is 6 Gb/s, going to use it for SSDs going forward... TLC based SSDs 100+ years before brown outing (i.e. read/write memory failure). About eSATA, if anyone interested. For me, eSATA, what a nightmare... RocketRAID 644... lasted about 1 month, RocketRAID 622 that came with one tower, worked great with 2 drives per backplane but only using 4 bays in a 8 bay tower? The other no-name PCI-E Sil3132 cards, I tried a few, keeps dropping eSATA link status, thought it was the SIL3726 based backplane, so swapped that out, same drop of link state, so changed cables, changed cards, change power in tower, nothing would be consistently stabilize more than a couple of hours. Finally took tower part and started changing more components with 2nd tower... just to see if I could get anything to make sense. Multimeter on specific components... power and signaling was stable, it appears to be bad drivers or just bad embedded BIOS in the backplanes. The 9211-8i, with (forward) fan out cables... to tower, and a bit of customization of the tower (LOL)... bypassed/removed the backplanes, and everything was stable in seconds. I will never go near eSATA again... except for on-board mainboard single drive use (JMB6xx series SB850 series SATA seems work ok, common on a lot of boards, when needed, if ever again) but never port multipliers, never eSATA variant cotnroller cards, horrible experience for me. I will NEVER purchase anything based on SIL chipsets or any other based eSATA techology again.
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