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  1. I'm not bothered about the stability or unsuitableness of using these types of data storage devices with DrivePool as the data being held isn't critical. I've had a look in the config file and I can't see any obvious way to enable these types of removable devices - any ideas?
  2. Currently I have 2 x 4TB Red hard disks in one drivepool (with 2x duplication on for the entire drive) and another 2 x 4TB Red hard disks in an identical setup. I store video files on one drivepool and music/photo/documents on the other drivepool. I know it's not a great idea but I use the 2x duplication as a 'backup' solution - mainly because I'm not too fussed if I lose everything (particularly important documents are duplicated to my Google Drive). I'm playing around with CloudDrive and thinking about changing my setup to the following: 4 x 4TB Red hard disks in one drivepool using 2x duplication then add an 8TB CloudDrive (G Suite) to the same drivepool for online redundancy. My questions are as follows: 1) Is there anything special I need to do before decommissioning my existing 2 drivepools? 2) Can I just remove them from the DrivePool software, then create a new one and add all 5 of the disks to a new drivepool? 3) Given that 4 of the hard disks already have existing PoolPart folders (from my 'old' drivepool), will DrivePool leave all of my data alone and simply copy everything from the hard disk over to my CloudDrive? 4) I'm used to having 2 disk drivepool's with 2x duplication which is easy for my brain to understand. If I move to a 4 disk drivepool, how will I control which data sits on which drive? Does DrivePool decide this for me? (in other words, if I have a 3TB video folder, will DrivePool spread this data over 4 disks?) Thanks in advance and apologies if this is a particularly stupid set of questions
  3. I use DrivePool as a kind of RAID-1 replacement. I have 2 x 4TB hard disks and in WIndows Explorer it shows that I have 7.27TB as my Total Size for the DrivePool. At the moment, I have 1.58TB Free Space remaining. Now, if I copy a 500GB file (for example) to the pool, my Free Space will reduce by 1TB (2 x 500GB as I have 2x file duplication enabled). Although this is correct, it's quite confusing to work out how much actual free space I have. So, is there any way to get DrivePool to correctly report my Total Size and Free Space in Explorer? (ie - if we enable 2x file duplication, can DrivePool tell Windows to half the Total Size and Free Space amounts?)
  4. ah that's perfect... the WHS version is an older version! that is really confusing... the main site should make it clear that you don't get 2.x unless you install the non-WHS version (or at least it should state that ver2.x works with WHS)
  5. yep - it's set to "duplicate files in realtime (default)" I think the most frustrating aspect of using DrivePool in WHS2011 is that all the help guides show completely different screenshots for desktop versions of Windows. Is there any way to configure DrivePool via the normal setup screens?
  6. WHS2011 running on a HP Proliant Microserver with 2 x 4TB hard disks and a separate boot drive. Latest version of DrivePool. I bought DrivePool as a way to automatically mirror my 4TB hard disk to a 2nd 4TB hard disk. The drive pool functionality was a secondary benefit (as I plan to add further disks to the pool). For the past 2 weeks I've been trying to get the mirroring working properly. My understanding is that there a hidden folder on each physical drive, marked PoolPart.*. These folders, combined, contain the DrivePool (which manifests itself as a virtual hard disk). But try as I might, I can't get the duplication functionality to work properly. I copy all my data directly into the virtual DrivePool hard disk and wait. I then check the PoolPart.* folders - on the first hard disk, everything is there. But the 2nd hard disk is missing most of the data. I've tried fiddling with the balancing settings, remeasuring, etc but I can't get the data to be 100% duplicated across both physical hard disks. Have I purchased the wrong software for my needs? All I want is perfect file mirroring across two physical disks... when I copy a file to the DrivePool, it should be duplicated across both physical disks without any intervention. Can anyone help? (sorry for the n00b'y'ness - I've genuinely tried everything!)
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