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  1. So far I'm liking DrivePool more than the pooling feature of FlexRaid. The FlexRaid pool somehow caused stutters when playing video's, DrivePool doesn't seem to suffer from that at all. I've set memoryusage to 2, not really sure if it's does anything though. At least I haven't noticed a change yet.
  2. So the caching is done by the system not DrivePool on the underlying drive? Is there anyway to increase the cache size or do tools exist to help cache the directory structure?
  3. I've tried looking for it, but couldn't really find anything. I've got a pool of 8x3TB drives (well, 10x3TB but 2 of those are parity with flexraid snapshot raid) and those drives go to sleep after 10 minutes of not being used. Before trying Drivepool I was using FlexRAID and even though the developer said 'It only wakes up the drive that has the file', my personal tests have shown this is not the case. It would spin up drive 1 to x until it found the required file. So my question is, how does DrivePool handle this? If I access a file will it spin up all drives, or does it kno
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