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  1. Hello, Christopher (Drashna). Yes, in my scenario, the combination of immediate balancing and "not more often than every X hours" doesn't work very well. In my scenario, because there are instances where I frequently write several hundred gigabytes of files, it's necessary to start immediate balancing once the SSD's capacity reaches a certain level of occupancy. Otherwise, it would either become impossible to write to Drivepool due to insufficient free space on the SSD, or it would require bypassing the SSD and writing directly to slower HDDs. Therefore, immediate balancing without using "not more often than every X hours" is essential in my environment. Moreover, it would be great to have a feature to start balancing at a specific time every day, disregarding the threshold set in "Automatic balancing - Triggers." If, during my sleeping hours, Drivepool could automatically start balancing to maintain free space for SSD Optimizer, it would reduce the balancing time occurring during waking hours. This would minimize the performance degradation of Drivepool during waking hours, allowing for more efficient operation of Drivepool.
  2. Hello, Shane. Thank you for submitting the feature request on my behalf. I will make sure to send feature requests through the Contact Form in the future. Thank you very much.
  3. I would like to use immediate balancing and daily balancing simultaneously by setting the timing of automatic balancing. Currently, in the Drivepool's balancing settings, it is not possible to apply immediate balancing and daily balancing at the same time. Since I am using SSD Optimizer in my system, I have set it up to start balancing automatically when the capacity of the SSD becomes low. However, as the system's speed decreases during balancing, I would like to be able to automatically balance even during times when I'm not using the PC every day. At this time, I would be even happier if I could individually set immediate balancing to start balancing when the balance rate or the required amount of movement is reached, and daily balancing to start balancing every day regardless of the balance rate, etc.
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