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  1. Hi, I've uploaded the log, I've done it with the enabling of tracing as I did it before I read your post. The system is Windows Server 2012 running as Hyper-V guest. The DrivePool version is There are only these plugins installed: StableBit Scanner, Volume Equalization, File Placement Limiter, Prevent Drive Overfill and Duplication Space Optimizer.
  2. Hi, I am evaluating the drivepool an I've encountered a weird problem. I have a pool consistion of three disks - 1TB, and two 2TB. The pool is 5TB with about 2.5TB free space. There are several folders with duplication to 2 or 3 drives. When I want to write to the duplicated folder, the system tells me that there is not enough space in the pool even though the system shows 2.5TB free space. So I opened the server disks and I see that one of the 2TB disks is full - so possibly the drivepools writes the unduplicated data to only that disk. The balancing setting should be default, I do not see any reason why the diskppol should act like this as this is unwanted behaviour. Well so I tried to do re-balancing. I've set the balancing options to "balance immediately". Then in the dashboard when there is the horizontal bar which says "file distribution not optimal" I've executed "re-balance" from the dropdown menu. I've done it already yesterday, but the only result was that it showed "building bucket lists" for some time and after some time it stopped with no visible result. What could be wrong? Is there any application log where can be noted any error? In the windows log there is no error...
  3. Yes, exactly. There should be a checkbox "all disks" in Enable duplication dialog which asks for entering number of copies of a folder. No, actually I don't have an open ticket with you. Ordered File Duplication does not help me. I want to be sure that one copy of selected folders is always on one specific disk. And that really is not what Ordered File Duplication does. If there is an open ticket, does it mean that this feature will be added in the future?
  4. Hello, thanks for the answers. I would like to have a bit different behaviour: - when I set something to duplicate over all disks, I want it independent on current number of disks. I would use it for critical data. Would there be 3 disks in the pool, the folder will be duplicated three times, but when I add another disk to pool, I want DrivePool to automatically duplicate such folder to the new disk without need to manually change the number of copies of a folder. Ideally there should be some status of disk, where it would say that it is running needed duplication and alerts me when the duplication is done. - I've read the thread from your link and it is also a bit different approach. There is discussed that I would have to set set of disks where will be my folder duplicated. But I would like to set just one (or more, but basically one) disk that I want always to have my folder on it, the other copies can be on any other disks in the pool chosen with current balancing strategy.
  5. Hi, Is it possible to set DrivePool to duplicate a folder to all disks available in the pool regardless of their number? And another question - is it possible to set DrivePool that way, that it keeps one copy of a folder on one specific disk? For example I have 3 disks and I want one folder to be duplicated twice and one copy I need on one specific disk and the other can be on any of that two remaining disks.
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