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  1. My desktop where Drivepool is currently running is long in the tooth, slow, and a power hog. Can I just install Drivepool on my new notebook and just pause the program when not docked/connected to the drives? Will this cause any problems? Thanks!
  2. Excited to be trying out Drivepool! I started a new pool with one fresh 4TB drive and an existing 4TB drive that already had about 700GB on it. Per the information I read in another thread here, I then moved the files on the existing drive into the poolpart directory on that drive. That successfully added the files into my pooled drive. However, I still show 664GB as "Other." Why? Shouldn't that space now be freed up again and usable for the pool? There's nothing left on either drive that's not part of of the pool. Also 517GB unusable to duplication at the moment. Hoping that Windows/Drivepool just needs a little time to catch up, but nothing seems to be happening at the moment. Thank you Doh! I needed to remeasure. Now it says only 416MB Other. That makes sense... guess there's always a little there. However, still don't understand why 517GB continues to show as Unusable for Duplication. Both drives are 4TB (and the same model). UPDATE: Figuring it all out... guess you need to rebalance (which in my case happened overnight) to get everything in place. Drivepool looks like a winner to me. Powerful yet simple, and even if something goes wrong you have your files just sitting there in normal formats on the pooled drives. Few humble suggestions from a noob: 1) Change the name "Other" to "Non-pooled" or "Unpooled." This is more descriptive than other and would lead to less confusion. 2) Make it clearer in the docs that when you add a drive with data already on it, it won't be part of the pool (ok, that part is clear but...) AND that you need to copy it to pool to add it, and once you do that the space freed up will also be added to the pool (this wasn't obvious to me). And that you can just move the files on the drive into the poolpart folder rather than having to copy them... I had to get that from the forums, and it saved me a ton of time and disk activity. 3) Make it clearer in the docs that you need to rebalance (either manually or scheduled) for all the stats to update and the space available for duplication to net out correctly. One of the most confusing things for a new user is when things don't update in real time, and you're not sure if something is working or not. Cheers
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