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  1. My desktop where Drivepool is currently running is long in the tooth, slow, and a power hog. Can I just install Drivepool on my new notebook and just pause the program when not docked/connected to the drives? Will this cause any problems? Thanks!
  2. Excited to be trying out Drivepool! I started a new pool with one fresh 4TB drive and an existing 4TB drive that already had about 700GB on it. Per the information I read in another thread here, I then moved the files on the existing drive into the poolpart directory on that drive. That successfully added the files into my pooled drive. However, I still show 664GB as "Other." Why? Shouldn't that space now be freed up again and usable for the pool? There's nothing left on either drive that's not part of of the pool. Also 517GB unusable to duplication at the moment. Ho
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