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  1. i have a 3TB pooled drive (this pool has only one hdd, was thinking to add more hdds in the future) with some files, how i can add this hdd to another existing pool and keep the files intact? the existing pool has 4 3TB hdds.
  2. there is a file placement option in drivepool where you can set the types of files that you like to sort to each disk based on rules. you can create an *.mkv rule to store files with the extension .mkv to be stored on a single or more disks as an example. when you create a pool it will appear as a normal drive on windows, there, you can create folders to organize your data inside, or, you can create pools for specific content and add more drives later to an specific pool when there is no space available. an example is a pool with 2 drives, a folder named MOVIES and other folder named TV SERIES. or two pools; pool 1 with 2 drives named MOVIES, pool 2 with one drive named TV SERIES, each pool with their respective letter on windows.
  3. well, i added the 3 remaining disks to the pool and still working perfectly. also, i created another pool with a 5th 3tb wd red drive, in plans to add another wd red drive during the week. even more, two sans digital usb3 cases, each with 7 drives, created from an older drivepool version in a windows 7 pc, were recognized without any problem. there was no change in the boot time when i restarted the pc with the two cases attached either. thanks for all your help! will keep posted.
  4. thanks for the suggestions! created a folder on C, created folders for each one of the drives inside that folder, mounted the drives to the folders and excluded the root folder from avast scan. all working perfectly! right now moving video files to the pool to use with WMC. will keep posted. thanks!
  5. the alert came from the beta version you linked, the stable version never pop-up that message. i'm still using the beta one. i only excluded the drivepool folder in C and the entire pool letter, i can't make an exclusion for the PoolPart folders 'cause i'm not assigning a letter to the disks, any other way to locate the poolpart without assigning a letter to the disk?
  6. sorry, removing avast! is not an option 'cause i'm in a 3 years license, and of course, removing drivepool is not an option either 'cause is the better software to manage & create drive pools. i tried storage spaces in windows 8.1 and there are no options to be even compared to drivepool. so, i'm forced to marry avast! with drivepool, maybe i'm creating a better relationship between them. i got another pc with windows 7 with avast! and an older version of drivepool, they worked correctly, but i can't update drivepool to a new version as i posted months ago here, maybe is the same culprit, will try later. i'll keep posted any new problems with this couple.
  7. the 100 files copied correctly, booted again without any problems. i'll continue to test it out. any reason why avast! detected drivepool notifications as a thread? never got that message before
  8. ok, i turned off avast!, installed drivepool from the link, excluded the drivepool folder from scanning and rebooted, all worked well. then, i added one of the WD Red 3TB hard drives and created a pool, went to avast! and excluded the complete drivepool drive letter from scanning. booted again without any problems. i'm copying right now (100) 5GB files to the pool, after copying the files, i'm going to boot again the pc and will tell you how it went. thanks!
  9. thanks for your reply! i tried the link above, but avast! blocked the installation with the following (see photo). i reported the file as false positive to avast!
  10. Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center Intel i7-4790k CPU @4.00GHz 32GB RAM Radeon 3GB R9 280X GPU Samsung 850 SSD for OS Asus Z97-DELUXE mobo here is my story: this is a fresh install of windows 8.1 using a Samsung 850 SSD. after the windows installation, i installed avast! 2015, then drivepool. i made a restart and all worked flawlessly booting at 10 seconds. i added (4) 3TB WD Red to the pc case, then, created a pool using the 4 drives. after a restart, i noticed that it takes more time to boot completely, even 5 minutes. i tried another restart, and the same happened, so, i verified the drivepool ui and noticed that the starting service message is the only thing noticeable on the window. after the service started about 5 minutes later, then, all the other apps started up. here are another tests made to allow me to pinpoint that stablebit and avast hate each other: avast! installed, drivepool installed, WD Red drives disconnected (booted in 10 seconds) avast! installed, drivepool uninstalled, WD Red drives connected (booted in 10 seconds) avast! uninstalled, drivepool installed, WD Red drives connected (booted in 10 seconds) just a note, the problem arised when the WD Red drives are part of a pool, no pool no problem! the drives are connected to the Z97 Express Chipset 6GBs SATA ports internally
  11. amanteka

    NAS Drives

    i think you need the hdds connected physically to the pc where drivepool is running, from drivepool page: Pool Combines multiple "physical hard drives" into one large virtual drive. Stores everything in standard NTFS files.
  12. thanks! worked perfectly, but i went to every HDDs and removed the folder individually using command prompt. i removed the folder from the pool, but noticed that the error continued, so, i went to all the HDDs and assign the permissions, but the windows delete option didn't do anything (using delete and permanently delete), so, i used command prompt to erase the folder on each of the HDDs and the error went away. thanks for all your help!
  13. this is a new windows 8.1 pc 64-bits, 32GB ram, i7-4790k cpu and stablebit v2.1.1.561. the pool was created on another pc with windows 7 64-bits, 16GB ram, i7-don't remember number cpu and stablebit these are 7 HDDs in a sans digital TR8U usb 3 case. when connected to the new pc, i got a warning message about duplication inconsistet (there is no duplication in this pool) and a suggestion to manually erase the inconsisten file \System Volume Information\IndexerVolumeGuid - File parts different. i found out that this file is not possible to delete, so, i got the idea just to remove one HDD, reformat the drive, add it again to the pool and proceed to the next HDD and do the same. the problem is that a few minutes after starting removing (using the remove option of drivepool of course) the usb connection was dropped from windows and the pool too. so, after changing the case to another usb 3 port and turn in on, drivepool detected the pool again, but now i'm getting an error of Error Removing Drive and now i can't remove the drive adding to the first error that made me to remove the HDD. photos of the errors attached. any ideas and/or suggestions? thanks! UPDATE! good news, after resetting all settings, the remove hard drive error went away, still the inconsistent duplication continues
  14. i tried to create a memory dump numerous times using the steps provided, but after using the keyboard keys and the system restarted, there is no dump anywhere. found out if i use the option to run StableBit DrivePool Service manually, the system starts without any problem. then, after starting the service manually, i can perform measuring and balance on the pools, but, if i set it to automatic again and restart the system, the problem starts over again. i know that without a dump is imposible to pinpoint the problem, but i think that the problem resides within the driver drivepool installs, in one of the tests the driver installed itself after the restart of the system, then, the problem arises. i need more time to continue with the tests, it takes me almost 3 hours everytime i tried this. maybe a fresh install of windows 7 can be the only solution, but for now i can't do that. i think that i have an image of the system from the first time i install it without drivepool, but is more than 2 years old. i have avast! internet security as my antivirus, but never tried to install drivepool with the antivirus disabled, i will try it the next time, maybe after midnight tonight. thanks for all your help!
  15. tried the link's instructions and the same happened, just Welcome with the orb, this time after installing the new version
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