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  1. I opened a ticket, but I have gotten no response to the issue. I ran the troubleshooter 2x with ALL and Errors but with no response still. I'm out of options on this. Only thing I read online was that there was a firewall issue (which makes no sense as the drive is local anyway). Tried that with no effect. But there's little info on the net regarding this particular error code.
  2. Yes, I did the chkdsk first before posting this (see original comment), I can access the poolpart folder, on it's own I can access the drive, the problem I'm facing is that some of said "other" files are only living on that drive and not being even picked up. The error is the only clue I have that something is wrong. I've done some troubleshooting here to try to figure it out. Without knowing which files not sure if it's a permissions problem or something else amiss.
  3. Running into a problem with some one of my drives not properly duplicating any of my files into other drives instead filing them as "other". There's no files outside of the poolPart directory (which I have seen in the past as I added new drives with files), I ran a chkdsk on the drive as well. It is also the only drive with this particular error. Scanner says it's healthy thus far. The files within are inaccessible. I have no way of knowing which files are the ones causing the problem (which could help in determining if it's the reason for the error in the first place). I've also checked permissions within the affected directory (it is just one directory generating this error so I checked/changed permissions for it but nothing is working so far). Here is a diagram of the drive from drivepool. The unduplicated files are just recent ones that have not finished duplicating so not concerned about this yet, unless they end up in the "other" part. I'm wondering what other troubleshooting steps I could take? The search I found only made reference to the error in the context of WSL2 which I am not using for the drivepool. To be clear the error comes up when trying to measure that drive and the one affected directory. Thanks
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    Feature Request

    Love Drivepool, have had it for years, one feature however that would be most useful is the ability to see files in the pie chart view (or another view). It's helpful in addressing unduplicated files in particular (unless there's a feature to address that that I am missing). Anyway a way to find certain files, errored files, etc. would be useful
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