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  1. I have a DrivePool with numerous disks. A couple of them are WD Red 10 TB drives, fairly new. Several months ago, DrivePool kept saying one of them (F:) was missing. It was showing up in File Explorer, but not in the DrivePool. I tried a few different things -- rebooted, moved the disk to another hot swap bay, and it seemed to randomly come back into the pool and then disappear again. I was worried that the drive was failing, so I put it in another computer and ran the WD Diagnostic tool, and it reported that the drive was fine. Still concerned that the drive was failing, I removed it from the pool and from the server and bought another 10TB WD Red drive, which I formatted and called F:. It worked fine for a day or so, but it is now having exactly the same problem. The drive shows up in File Explorer and in Disk Management under the Computer Management utility, but Drive Pool claims it is missing. I am running Windows Home Server 2011. I am also using Stablebit Scanner, and right now the disk is showing up there, but not in DrivePool. The fact that the same problem has happened with two different drives, even though the other 7 drives in my server are all fine, seems really weird. When I log into my server, I do occasionally note a message that the F: drive needs to be formatted, but then I get it working again just fine. And then a few hours later it goes missing again. I can usually get it working again through some combination of hot swapping to another bay or rebooting, but the problem returns.
  2. Umfriend, I have tweaked my settings to show them, but I can't access them. However, when I revealed the system folders, the drive shows a folder called found.000 that contains 2.15 TB. Wow, that seems large. I've looked over the contents, and it seems like duplicates of various other files I have. I assume there was a problem. So, two questions: 1. Can I delete the file? 2. Is this an indication that the hard drive has had serious problems, and should I replace it? I did have another drive in the pool fail, and I replaced it; perhaps this file relates to that failure? Or would it be a failure with this particular drive?
  3. I have 2TB of "other" data showing up on one drive in my pool. It doesn't make sense, because I don't actually see that much data on the drive. My system: WHS 2011 Drive Pool installed A drive pool ("Z") with 7 pooled hard drives Stablebit Scanner installed Here are the details of the problem: DrivePool shows that one of the drives in my pool -- the G drive -- has over 2TB of "other" data on it. (I have attached an image of the Drive Pool info.) When I go to File Explorer and look at "My Computer," it does indeed suggest that there is well over 2TB of data on the drive. (Image attached.) But when I look at the drive in File Explorer, it confirms that the only thing on the drive is the pool part, and when I click on the properties of the pool part folder (image attached), it shows only 266GB in the pool part, which is roughly what DrivePool shows as the duplicated and unduplicated data on the drive. There's nothing else on the drive. This seems wrong. I have tried several things to fix it, including: * Rechecking duplication multiple times * Resetting all settings, multiple times * Rebooting, multiple times. How do I fix it?
  4. The problems are back. I'm getting a duplication error again. When I look at the details, I have two files that say "file parts different," and five that say "the operation was cancelled." I click "duplicate now," but keep getting the same errors.
  5. Thanks much for your help!
  6. I have a WHS 2011 home server with 9 hard drives in my pool. I had a fright when one of my drives (a 6TB WD Red Pro drive) had some problems and it screwed up my drive pool. Fortunately, upgrading to the latest beta of DrivePool enabled me to salvage my data and remove the drive from the pool. Now I'm trying to sort out whether this drive needs to be replaced. It is a brand new drive -- I installed it last week. I'm using StableBit Scanner, and the only SMART issue is 2 reallocated sectors. I am running a scan using Scanner now. Is the fact that I have 2 reallocated sectors enough reason to push WD to RMA it, or should I be looking for something beyond that?
  7. Rebooting seemed to fix most of the issues, and then using the "recreate missing folder" option took care of the rest. Now I have to sort out whether my drive needs to be replaced or whether the sector remap took care of it. I'll post some questions about that in the Scanner category. Thanks!
  8. ‚ÄčThank you. I was using version 1.3, so I uninstalled that version of DrivePool and installed the 64-bit beta build in your link. It seems to have installed fine. Once it installed, I thought I would take another shot at removing the faulty drive the normal way. For the moment, it seems to be cooperating, and is up to 24%. I'll give that a few hours and see how it goes. One significant possible issue is that I had several shared custom server folders on the pool. My WHS 2011 dashboard shows them as "missing." When I look at the pool drive folder in my server's file explorer, the custom folders still appear and it looks like the data is intact. However, they do not show up when I look at my network shares from another computer on the network, and they show as "missing" in the server dashboard. I tried clicking "recreate the missing folder," and it pointed to the correct location in the pool, but it says "an unexpected error has occurred 8004006E." I hope the problem is simply that the folder is inaccessible while DrivePool it is trying to remove the faulty drive from the pool.
  9. I am running Stablebit Scanner and Drivepool on a home server that uses Windows Home Server 2011. I have 9 drives in my pool. One is a new WD Red Pro 6TB drive. That new drive now has a SMART warning showing reallocated sectors. So I'll get it replaced. However, I am unable to remove the drive from the pool. When I click on "remove drive from the pool," I get the error "Drive not removed from the pool The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error". I get the same error even when I click the "Force damaged drive removal" option. Also, my pool condition is at 50%, showing duplication warnings. There are a number of files that show they could not be checked, duplicated or cleaned up due to an I/O device error. In the meanwhile, I am unable to add files to the pool or delete files that are in the pool. How can I remove the drive from the pool and regain control over my files in the pool?
  10. Thanks. Tonight, the duplication is now at 86.7%. So it has progressed a grand total of 6.7% in the last 24 hours. The only drive that had any problems is the drive I removed. The rest of the drives are functioning fine. So I think that means the reason for the slow duplication is not a function of the bad drive, which was removed before the current (slow) duplication efforts. The total pool size is good sized -- about 21TB, including duplication. But the duplication should have already been fine other than having to re-duplicate the 4TB drive I removed, right? So it should only have to duplicate a maximum of 4 TB? Or could it be that because I removed a drive, it is re-doing all of the prior duplication? Either way, does 6.7% progress during a 24 hour period indicate some kind of problem? If so, what should I do? Scanner shows no health problems on the remaining drives.
  11. Here's the update. Shortly before I went to bed last night, it got back up to 80.2%. This morning, it's at 83.4%. The drive I removed was a 4TB drive. Is it just moving slowly because of the size of the removed drive, or does it sound like something else is a problem?
  12. Thanks. It looks like I may have a bad cable or SATA port or something to the hard drive that went missing. The scanner showed it as a very bad drive, but when I removed the drive and tested on another computer, the drive works fine. For now, I had to forcibly remove it from the pool to try to get these problems resolved. So, now, the pool is in heavy duplication mode based on the removal of the one hard drive. That's fine, but it seems to be running into a problem. This afternoon, it showed that it was 80.2% rebuilt. Several hours later, it still showed 80.2%. I rebooted the server and the duplication worked its way up to 75.6%, and now it's stuck at 75.6% percent. Any idea why duplication would get stuck like that, and how do I resolve it?
  13. I am using DrivePool on a WHS 2011 server. Today I had a drive that went missing, and I put it back in and then it worked fine. However, since then, I'm getting duplication warnings and Drive Pool reports duplication at 50%. When I click on the details, numerous files could not be duplicated, and each says "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error." If I click "duplicate now," it tries to duplicate, then gives me the same warnings. I am also using Drive Scanner on the server, and SMART shows healthy for each drive. I am running a scan on the drives now, but so far the scan doesn't show any problems. How do correct the duplication warnings and the I/O problems that my pool seems to be having?
  14. I'm using v. on WHS 2011. I have five drives connected, and 4/5 have been scanned and report healthy. However, I have one drive (a WD20EARX) that just won't scan. The status bar constantly says "waiting to scan (disk access)." It's been like this for days. What's up?
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