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  1. Confused about DP and FlexRAID (and yes I read the old forum information): Been testing DP and FlexRAID. Tested DP for about a week and I like the duplication. Installed FlexRAID over it to test them together. So here's my question(s). currently I have 4 drives, 3 of them are pooled into one from DP. I have a couple of folders setup as duplication (photos, documents, etc), and now I want to setup up other folders (Movies, Music, Backup) as Parity under FlexRAID. So, when I setup FlexRAID, I'm confused, do I: Select the 3 separate HDs as DRU's and the 1 "no data" drive as a PRU? (but then wouldn't that create a Parity for ALL the data?) Select the 1 DP Pooled drive (the D: Drive) as one DRU? and the "no data" HD as a PRU.... ??? I tried the 1st option under "expert" mode so FlexRAID wouldn't manage the pooling, and started the raid and ran the validation, but nothing seems to have changed. I see the Parity drive has data, but I can't seem to get any options on which folders to select for parity...?
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