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  1. Downloaded and installed the Beta, made sure the UnsafeDirectIO thingy is still "True", rebootet the server, still nothing. Switched the USB drives around a bit and am now sure that it's not the Hub or any specific port (suspected maybe different controllers): previously recognized drives are still recognized through the Hub and also through the same ports I tried for the news drives... Soooo, what's next? Anyhow: thanks for the quick feedback :-)
  2. Tried the "UnsafeDirectIO" and still get nothing. What really confuses me is that I am running DriveBender on the server (sorry and it seems to recieve the SMART status of the drives just fine...
  3. I finally got around trying it out. Plugged the drives directly into the main USB ports and still don't get anything in the Scanner. Then I tried the tool, checked "USB" and got red Xs in the upper portion but green Xs in the lower portion. It also says: Methods: ScsiPassthrough, ScsiPassthrough48 Controller IDs: USB\VID0BC2&PID_3312&REV_0740,USB\VID_0BC2&PID3312 Any hope for me?
  4. Hi, I just added two Seagate Expansion Desk Drives to my Home Server via a 4-port Anker USB 3.0 Hub. Performance looks fine but StableBit Scanner does not recieve any SMARt data. Is there anything I can do about that?
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