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  1. Thanks. It looks like it is working perfect now. I was just trying now to understand how it works. It sounds like there is no overhead then, is that correct? Next, I am going to trial scanner, and then purchase both. One question, I think I saw someone mention in the forums that you get $10 off any further purchases up to $10 when you purchase drivepool. I want to purchase drivepool and scanner on my main machine, then I want to put drivepool on my backup machine.
  2. Well, I just gave up, uninstalled completely and reinstalled, and now is all good. Reporting 7.21GB. Just curious, I would expect 7.45GB or so, based on my other disk size, where is the loss, overhead I assume, but is there any details on this. Is it a percentage of each disk?
  3. I did do a remeasure, and it fixed L:, but did not change the total pool size. I am actually going to remove both 1TB drives, and add 2 new 2TB drives, and just build a new pool. I will see if that fixes my problem. 3 Questions, in case I did something wrong the fist time; 1. Do I start the pool from a blank disk, or existing disk, or does it matter? It seems I was short about 2TB, and I started the pool by adding a blank 2TB disk, not sure if it's a coincidence. 2. Looking at the jpg above, it doesn't show the original drive I added, is that normal? 3. how do I see the PoolPart. fol
  4. I will have to give TeamViewer a look, I always use remote desktop, but my IP changed overnight. Anyways, I attached the screenshot.
  5. I am not at home, and can't seem to remote in right now, so a screenshot will have to wait. But, the UI showed the Pool Name "Data (D:\) - (5.65 TB)" at the top, then lists the other 4 drives (2x2TB and 2X1TB) as drives in the pool, they are E:,F:,G:,H:, respectively in Windows. The D:\ drive is the one I added first. I know I wouldn't show 8TB, but I expected it to be 7.45 or so. Thanks. Wayne
  6. Hi, I have recently installed the trial version of DrivePool. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I could not find anything, and didn't see anything in the manual about any overhead on pools. I assumed if I had 8TB worth of drives, I would have a 8TB pool, but I am getting 5.65 TB. I started by adding a new 2TB drive to the pool, then began adding my existing 4 drives to the pool. In total the 5 disks are 2TB + 2TB + 2TB + 1TB + 1TB. I then moved al files from the 4 existing NTFS drives onto the new pool D: drive. I then deleted all the $RecycleBin folders from each drive so tha
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