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  1. Verme911

    UI/UX busted?

    Beauty! This worked and fixed Drivepool. Any idea about Scanner? The same config file logic doesn't apply, I'm hoping there is a registry change or something weird perhaps. I'm also not using Afterburner, this is on one of my servers.. not overclocking here. Thanks again!
  2. Verme911

    UI/UX busted?

    Here is a follow up, the scanner shows only a white window while the drivepool window is see-through. Can anyone let me know what dll is missing? lol ... or what can be repaired to solve this issue. It only is happening with the Stablebit programs.
  3. Verme911

    UI/UX busted?

    My Drivepool prog window no longer actually shows anything, it's just blank. I tried a repair on Drivepool which included a repair on .net, yet this didn't fix anything either. I'm too scared to uninstall/reinstall at this point since my pool is around 80-90tb and I'd like to not mess that up. Has this been reported before? Known fix? Thanks.
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