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  1. So I need to upgrade my hard drives because they're full. This is a backup pool so not worried about data loss here. Anyhow, when you click remove on a full pool it seems that it doesn't like removing drives no matter when options you pick and appears with the not enough space error in the attachment below. Not a problem as such as I'll remove the disk, tell it that its gone. It'll forget and I'll then add the new disk, it'll balance and all will be well. Just a heads up in case others run into the strange quirk of a full pool.
  2. Just to say that I use DrivePool with a QNAP TS-212 with 2 1TB drives as separate iSCSI targets and it works fine. Although it doesnt seem to handle SMART data (QNAP will though), throughput is good and pool features such as balancing work well.
  3. PJShots

    Slow Duplication

    AFter doing much more reading on the net, I cam across an article about the drive cache bios option... It turns out that after having the server well over a year, the option was disabled. Never noticed it before and never had any issues with transfer rates before now. However, turning this option on made a BIG difference. Drivepool duplicated 3.7GB (2 ISO files) in a couple of minutes. So, it seems that its a required setting for the HP Microserver. I'll keep trying it out and hopefully it'll work fine now. Time will tell. Thanks for the support, link to the article about cache is
  4. PJShots

    Slow Duplication

    Hi again, Uploaded a log for you. It seems to still be slow. When using explorer to transfer files from anywhere its fine, but accessing files from the pool in applications is slow and the drivepool software has started 'Checking' my files again. I use the scanner also, which says all is healthy (scanned over night, so not the issue and has been disabled since) Any help with this would be great, otherwise I might request a refund. Looks like a real good piece of software and I even tested it with better success in a virtual machine with Server 2012 R2, worked fine, but not on the b
  5. PJShots

    Slow Duplication

    It was duplicating my music store, so about 20,000 files 4-30MB each I guess. I've stopped folder replication for now, as I'm awaiting another 2TB disk. I'll try again once its here and we'll see how it goes. If it does slow again I'll post back with the info requested above. Thanks for the help.
  6. PJShots

    Slow Duplication

    SYSTEM... HP Microserver N40L, Server 2008 R2, 4GB RAM, 2x2TB WD, 1x1TB WD, 1x2TB Hitachi. When duplicating folders, drive pool is really slow (1GB per min in some cases). My disks are fine; can copy/paste data at 80MB/s. In Windows Server's resource monitor the files are going at 128Kbs sometimes. Anything I can try to speed things up. Also, is there a way to pause/stop it as despite the slow transfer speed, no cpu usage, it still drags on the system. Trying to put folders back to 1xduplication now and its removing the 2nd copy, just as slow as applying it the first time round...
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