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  1. Dear forum, I'm seeking advise for the my following problem. Last night, I finally made the jump to use DrivePool for my increasing number of drives, and I set up a new pool rather easily and within an hour, I had a 90TB pool for 10x of my drives. I was happy, and started copy some files to the drive pool - but for whatever reason, I encountered a BSOD... I let it reboot and found the drive pool is gone, i also discovered my partition are in strange state.. no NTFS or RAW, or unallocated. Disk Management shows for all drive in pool has 100% freespace... Panic! 82TB of my 90TB is gone? I downloaded EaseUS partition master quickly to maybe recover, it load the disk list and can see the disk partition as NTFS... i tried recover, but found nothing, as it's reporting the partition normal as (existing)... but windows 10 cannot see as NTFS. Has anyone had this issue? need advise urgently, thanks! --- edit ---- i'll leave my post here, but i managed to solve it by assigning a drive letter to the partition - once it did that, i guess it recheck the file system again and set it back to NTFS. All data is recovered, thank god!
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