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  1. thanks for the information. I guess I could do a bunch of 55TB cloud drives pooled. That might work out well. So far at the moment Im uploading right into my google drive due to it being a business account but I might have to look into doing a cloud drive with drive pool setup.
  2. ok being that I have had 3 100tb google drive cloud drives all fail on me, im going to give it one more try as I do like the software when it works. I want to know what is the best setting to set up a new drive? I can use drive pool as well if that would make it better. I read that its best to set up 60TB and to stay with ntfs as my last drive was 100TB REFS that I wont be using this time around. Just hoping to try to keep my drive for longer then a a year this time around. Thank you in advance
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