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  1. Yes, I have a RAID adapter and all my drives are running in JBOD mode. Since I was removing 4 drives, I was concerned that there would be a chance that a given file might exist only on those drives and not be duplicated elsewhere. I felt the safest was to let Drivepool de-allocate the drive and move any unique data elsewhere. But, I did not think about disabling the balance on all 4 drives... I am sure I moved data multiple times.. sigh. It took a little over 2 hours to get them all out of the pool.
  2. I have several drives that appear to not be being used in my pool. I think I have everything set correctly.
  3. Does it simply provide access to my existing cloud. I have a 1 TB Google drive and I thought this would provide me with a secondary storage area. However after playing with it, it appears that it only creates a link between my PC and my existing GDrive.
  4. I have 4 x 10TB SATA drives that I am upgrading to SAS. I started the removal process on one drive that had 618 GB of duplicated data and 400 MB of other. Once this process began, the duplicated dropped almost immediately to 139 GB and the Other jumped to 490 GB. After about 30 minutes the process is only at 0.7%. How long can I expect this drive to take? And will it slow things down if I start the other 3 removals to run simultaneously??
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