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  1. I'm trying to solve a problem that hopefully someone has already figured out: I have a large pool of around 300tb with 30+ drives, and i'm looking to use backblaze personal. I can backup the pool no problem, but the issue that i'm trying so solve is if I lose a drive. In that case I'd like to restore from backblaze, but since files are distributed I'd need to know which ones I dont have... thus it'd be nice to have backblaze ordered by drive volume. I have too many volumes to assign them all as drive letters. I've tried looking into mount folders, symlinks, junction points etc etc. Backblaze won't backup the mount folders. It's like i'm looking for the ability to mount a volume as a regular directory in Windows. Maybe you guys have some sort of creative way to accomplish this with pool hierarchy, file placement, or clouddrive even. Thanks
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