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  1. Interesting. All drives except one were reported as healthy. The one that wasn't was a 3TB drive that I had removed from the Drivepool previously so that I wouldn't lose any files. I had also removed these from the Drivepool as well, but in Scanner the three 2TB drives all showed as healthy. You mention possibly ignoring it. So, was the healthy notice a false positive?
  2. I replaced some drives in my server with larger ones. All three of the old drives that were being replaced showed as healthy in Stablebit Scanner. I put two of them in another machine and when I restarted, Stablebit Scanner came up with, "The on-disk S.M.A.R.T. check is not predicting imminent disk failure. However, some well known S.M.A.R.T. attributes that are indicators of mechanical problems are showing signs that the drive could be failing." Apparently, the error is for reallocated sectors. I'm just curious why this would be considered healthy in one machine and not on this one? All I
  3. I followed a guide from We Got Served on setting up Azure. It wasn't as easy to set up as I thought it should be and I've noticed that the dashboard add-in seems to be quite finicky. I've already had several instances of the add-in reporting that it can't connect to Azure or retrieve my account information. My thinking was to switch from Amazon S3 over to Azure for some of my more precious data. That way I will always have my data somewhere. I wasn't going to use some of the other tools that Azure offered, just storage.
  4. Sorry for my belated response. I finally had some time to enable tracing and am in the process of flushing the logs to disk so that I can zip them up and send in. I suspect you are probably right about the VSS, but I hope that it isn't and there might be a fix for this. Thanks!
  5. Last night I integrated Windows Azure with Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2. I'm not really ready to move all my cloud storage to Azure, but I wanted to give it a try. I selected one folder on my drivepool and another that isn't on the drivepool. When I went to start the back up, it was unsuccessful almost immmediately. I tried a few more things, but the same result happened. I then decided to reconfigure my back ups without the folder from the drivepool and the operation works as intended. Has anyone else had this problem?
  6. That might be it. Neither of those folders was listed under indexing. So, I'm doing a test and checked the box to make sure my pictures folder was going to be indexed. I noticed my drivepool wasn't listed there, but I had to go into each folder and then go into pool parts to find my pictures folder. After they index, maybe they will be shown then. Thanks for the tip.
  7. I just looked at that setting and I do have CoveFs_ReportAsNtfs as true. Under Remote Web Access my music folder would report as empty and the video and picture folder would produce a media library error that was super general and didn't give any information. When I moved the music file to a HD that is not part of the pool, then I could access those music folders remotely.
  8. Has anyway installed the new media pack? If so, are you able to stream from a folder within the drive pool? I was unable to and received errors when trying to access my pictures folder that was set up for remote web access. My music folder kept showing up as having no music, so I ended up setting my music folder on a drive that is not on the storage pool and restarted my server. I was then able to stream music from remote web access. Anyone have any ideas why the drive pool folders didn't seem to work for me?
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