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  1. Kayot

    XP Support?

    Bummer. It was a tight system too. Mainly due to age. It would be neat if MS developed their OS's on old equipment to ensure a fast OS on new equipment. Locking Server 2008R2 and later to x64 really killed the old system install base. Thanks for the Answer. I tested PoolHD and I was not impressed. It looks like it's time to trash the old system and use my current system as a server. I dislike the obvious For Tablet Design (Somewhat mitigated in Server 2012 R2), 7 isn't aging as well as XP did in the same period of time.
  2. Kayot

    XP Support?

    What keeps DrivePool from running in Windows XP pro sp3? I'm asking because I have an ancient server running on Ubuntu Server 13.10, but I can't get any answeres on why aufs dosne't show the proper free space. So I was considering putting XP on it (It's a Compaq SR1115CL with one gig of ram), and saw that PoolHD claims support for XP. I thought DrivePool was a .Net application, and so I'm just wondering why it won't work in XP (I haven't tested it yet)
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