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  1. I need to remove a pool but I'm having trouble with the format of the dpcmd ignore-poolpart command. Is it possible to get an example? One of the drives in the pool is L:\, the list for the pool is: + Pool ID '8b7cbf8f-585b-4669-8686-b5d9767c002d' [Device 5]: Kernel volume path: - \Device\HarddiskVolume13 GUID path: - \\?\Volume{cdbbb41d-cd9a-4eba-8697-992845356b9f} Mount points: - 'F:\': My old brain just doesn't handle this stuff any more since I retired over a decade ago.
  2. I was wrong, formatting and placing the drive back caused it to go back to the same problem.
  3. removed the other drive and it fixed it self.
  4. I wanted to test my setup and wanted to remove a 500GB drive from a pool with a 2TB, and 3 500GB drives. The removing has been at 98.8% for weeks. I'm at a loss as to what to do.
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