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  1. Hi Tried resetting the Scanners settings but still reports as 1.64 TB, have opened a ticket thanks.
  2. Thanks Shane for the suggestions, I only used a usb dock (being lazy) to check the drive in another pc I soon dismissed it and installed inside. It is installed in a permanent bay in the server. I have set it to use duplicated data so I don't lose any more data. Can I specify specific folders that can only be used on that drive in Drivepool? I have now bought Stablebit Scanner and it reports the drive as healthy however it only shows the 4 TB hdd size as 1.64 TB on the main page In whs 2011 dashboard it shows as 3.64 TB Thanks SantiagoDraco I formatted the drive in a d
  3. Thanks for the reply, I presume I have messed up somehow as it seems that the partition table was changed after the reboot. Should drivepool have seen the full size of the disc? Would it be better to format the drive from within WHS2011 disc management? Would it be better to partition the 4tb drive into 2 x 2tb? Any thoughts on how to progress. Cheers Dave.
  4. I replaced a 2tb drive with a 4tb one, drivepool saw it as 1.6tb so I removed it and formatted it in another pc using ntfs. I then put it into the server and drivepool saw 3.64tb so I added it to the pool, after it had finished re-balancing all looked ok until I rebooted the server and it now says the drive is missing! I have removed the drive to see whats on it in another pc but it is asking to format as it is in raw. Seems data it transferred over during balancing is now missing as it can't see the drive. Any help would be appreciated.
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