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  1. Got it, Umfriend; thanks for the reply - the PCI SATA card I had only gave me one "hiccup", but may have been due to a Win10 install that got corrupted. It's going back in when I finally move to upgrade the space.
  2. Thanks, Umfriend - I'll slot myself into going the additional SATA port route. Will look into the SAS solution you mention above as well; thanks! Now - I hadn't read this anywhere, but at a basic level - I was always thinking the additional SATA card would be a "kludge", added ports which operate in parallel with the motherboard ports, but to a lesser performance level - and possibly introduce anomalies and issues? Is this misguided? You aren't the first fellow storage user that has recommended the additional SATA card in the past. In fact, one comment I received a ways back said that the cards are better than what's offered on the MB.
  3. Hi StableBit community; been using DrivePool for many years and love the reassurance it brings in data redundancy. I've read the preferred way of migrating a pool with low free space to larger capacity drives (i.e., 2x 8TB -> 2x 12TB, for example) is to add the higher capacity drive to the pool and then remove one of the existing drives. The situation I'm in is that I've got 4 SATA ports taken up by two 2-drive pools. Could I temporarily disconnect one of the drives on one of the pools, and use the freed up SATA port to attach the higher capacity drive and migrate the data as described above? I also have a two-port PCI SATA card that I may be able to find (and might be working) - would that be a more preferred path to add a SATA port? Thanks in advance. --- Chris
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