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  1. Hi, thanks for the help, the re-measure button did the job, now the disk is shown with the correct size. Don't know why I was that blind, was looking for exactly this option but only checked the top right troubleshooting menu with cheching duplication etc... File size and size on disc is nearly the same, no filesystem compression or dedup enabled. Btw the Onedrive sync has some serious problems when you remove/add disks, looks like every file which will be transfered to another disk is triggering the Onedrive check. So Onedrive is syncing like hell and sucking CPU usage all the
  2. Hi, I have some strange problem with my drivepool that one of the 7 HDDs get detected with a wrong size. The disc is new and I added it yesterday and did some special placement rules so that this and the two IronWolf HDDs are the only ones which have duplicated data on it. When I added the disk, the size was shown correctly, only after the files were placed on it this happend. There are no files on the HDD, only the Drivepool hidden folder and the disk was empty for adding. The disk has a size of 18TB and gets correctly detected from windows but the drivepool shown it as 21,3TB Di
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