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  1. yes. you are right. may be buy a 2.5Gb network card and set pool int he farmer machine is also a good way, in this way I can use the DP default setting.
  2. May be because of the cryptocurrency called chia. I'm ask this question because of it. My computer can create 3 tb files per day and won't stop, if the software stop, the efficiency will go down. So I'm looking for somthing that can help me. I guess other people have the same reason.
  3. Thank u sir. Is that means I can swap the full disk with empty disk, and other computer can read the file in the full disk directly? I tired onece. instal the plugin and set up 2 disks as a pool. and fill them full. but I can't just remove the disk when the whole pool is full.
  4. I'm very new about this software. I have a 4 bay HDD case. My wish is creat a drive pool and let other software write file to the 1st drive, when the 1st drive is full then automatically use the 2nd one, then the 3rd....the 4th. When some disks are full I will replace them with empty disk. But with default setting, It seems StableBit DrivePool just divide the file and each disk sotore some part of the files. What should I set up ?
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