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  1. Will the command "dpcmd ignore-poolpart" wait for open file handles to be closed?
  2. Hello My goal is to fill up a lot of drives with data and remove full disk including their data from the pool and add empty disks constantly. Requirements A drive pool with several drives, where I can add and remove drives at any time without interrupting the file copying process. The pool must be accessible all the time. A file copied into this pool, must be stored on one of the available drives, without being scattered across several drives. If I remove one drive from the pool, the files on that drive will be removed to. If I remove a drive, there is a failsafe, that will first write the full file to the disk, before attempting to remove the drive. If I attach the drive to any system in the world, I need to be able to still read the files. Again.. files must be written to one disk only Is this possible? I read here, that it is "kinda" possible. But It smells like data corruption.
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