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  1. Thanks a ton, very much appreciate the information!!
  2. I appreciate the response from both of you. To clarify- i would need the motherboard to have 4x nvme slots, and mobo based RAID, and drivepool will mirror one RAID 0 pair to the other? If the board has 2x NVME slots, and i run a pair of drives in RAID 0, via mobos RAID, would drivepool mirror that pair to another drive, like an NVME drive in a pcie card, or in a thunderbolt chasis? -- ie the issue isnt mirroring RAID 0 pair, its if the RAID 0 pair(s) are software raid?
  3. Hi, first post here. I want to create a pseudo RAID 10 ssd array for a Windows 10/Ryzen 5950x based digital audio workstation. Can i do this by having 2 pairs of Samsung 970 evo+ drives running in (software) RAID 0, and using Drivepool to mirror one RAID 0 pair to the other? (AsRock x570 creator, Asus hyper gen4 m.2 card) I search around for an answer here and google but could not find it. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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