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  1. So I was performing some testing. It looks like if I move files at the drive level from one drive to the other and match the directory structure DrivePool will just accept the new files copied outside of the pool. The files are only used by Davinci Resolve. So I plan to do some testing by writing a script that moves the tmp files I want on to the NVMe. Then after this I'll open up Davinci Resolve. I'm not sure how this will mess with DrivePool's view of the pool or if DrivePool will just update its view of the state and nothing bad will happen. Either way I'm not working with important files here. So if I'm wrong then they are just tmp files that Davinci Resolve will recreate.
  2. I searched through the forum and couldn't find an answer to this. I use Davinci Resolve a lot to edit videos with my pool. I have DrivePool place Davinci Resolve's tmp files to a fast NVME to optimize the workflow. The tmp directory gets way larger than the 1TB limit of the NVME and DrivePool moves files off of the driveat 90%. The tmp directory is not duplicated. Is there a way to tell DrivePool to move a non-duplicated directory onto the NVME? I don't want it there permanently. Just while I'm using the application. I don't want to pull the NVME out of the pool since there are times when it needs to be larger than 1TB and I'll just take the penalty. This would allow me to have an extremely large tmp directory and choose the files that are placed on the fast NVME before I start with a particular project. I have a couple ideas of how to do this outside drivepool but honestly if drivepool can do this then it'll simplify my file system setup drastically.
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